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I had wanted to do it for some time, and the right moment had finally come. I was on vacation in Amsterdam, a week alone to relax, make new experiences, and make some of my old dreams come true.

My friend Thomas had returned from Amsterdam a few months ago and had told me that he had spent an unforgettable night with an escort. That had been the money he had spent in the best way in his life, and that escort was beautiful, kind, and knew how to do incredible things in bed.

Thomas talked about that girl for a long time and how I absolutely had to spend time with an escort. I had to give up my girlfriend, be single and have fun now, when I was young, without wasting any more time.

Well, a lot of things happened in a couple of months, and my relationship is over. I came back single, and I really wanted to have some fun and recover the things that I had not been able to do because I was engaged.

Among these things was also my trip to Amsterdam. I booked the trip alone and then also looked for information on the escorts and services they offered to all people. I was interested in having the complete escort experience, not only sex but also spending time with her, talking, experiencing beautiful emotions. That’s why I chose to hire a sexy escort and not a banal prostitute. I want real feelings, not just sex.

I searched online for escort sites, waiting to understand which one was the most suitable for my needs, and I found it in Amsterdam Hot Escorts.

I liked the site for the very intuitive template, for the ease of navigation, but above all for the great choice of girls available.

Guys, I’m not kidding, it was like being in a pussies shop. I felt like a child in front of a pastry shop: I just had to choose the girl I wanted, say what I wanted to do, pay, and have that service. It was all so easy, but how could I choose a single girl? It was impossible. I would have liked to choose them all!

I absolutely had to rely on my instincts and choose the one that attracted my attention the most, without overthinking about her body or the beauty of her face. Furthermore, all the girls were incredibly beautiful, so beauty would certainly not have been the determining factor in my choice.

I surfed the site, reading the profiles of some girls until I found the one I was looking for: Sorana.

Here is her profile, for those interested in spending a night of sex with her:

I don’t know what attracted me to Sorana, perhaps her face, body, or some sort of magnetic charm. But the truth could have been that that beautiful Amsterdam escort girl looked like my ex-girlfriend. I was still in love with her, or maybe, I just wanted to spend time with a girl who could stimulate my memories.

I had to replace the negative memory of my girlfriend with something positive, generated by a similar but equally beautiful girl. It was perfect material for a psychiatrist, and it could ruin my experience with this sexy escort, but I didn’t want to do anything else.

I contacted the site staff and said I was interested in Sorana’s services, asking for more information, and the team replied to me almost immediately. Sorana was available for the booking date I wanted!

I was happy with all this, and I already imagined my evening with this beautiful girl, and then I asked what services she could offer.

And let me tell you, you were really spoiled for choice.

So many services to choose from, all beautiful. Obviously, I wanted to have anal sex with her and get a gentle erotic massage. But also visiting Amsterdam and having dinner together in a nice restaurant.

What should I choose?

I decided not to indulge my hormones, but my instincts, because what I wanted was not sex, but emotions.

And what could give me more emotions?

A dinner date, I was sure about it.

It was exactly what I was looking for. Intimate atmosphere, excellent food, the possibility of being able to talk with Sorana for a long time. I decided to pay no attention, and I chose the Dinner Date and the Best GFE Amsterdam escort service, the service that allowed Sorana to play the part of my fiancée. I needed to talk to a woman who was also my partner, I wanted to spend a romantic evening, and that was the best way to do it.

I called the site staff and organized the booking. The restaurant was “Vinkeles” in Amsterdam, one of the best in the city. My friend Thomas had dined there too and had assured me that the quality of the place was excellent. I didn’t want to risk making a wrong impression with Sorana immediately. I know that the first impression is essential with a woman, and my dinner date with Best GFE Amsterdam escort service had to be perfect from the beginning and until the end. Everything had to be planned down to the smallest detail, with no margin of error or room for improvisation.

Sorana would have come by taxi to the restaurant, and I was already there twenty minutes before the appointment. I don’t want to lie. I was both nervous and excited about meeting a beautiful woman and talking to her. It was the first time that I hired an escort, I had planned everything, but I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, and I hoped not to make myself ridiculous because of the embarrassment.

I am a shy and emotional person when the situation is embarrassing for me. I just hoped I wasn’t at that moment and allowed Sorana to spend a wonderful evening with me.

Sorana arrived on time for the appointment, and when I saw her, I was absolutely breathless. She was much more beautiful than what I had seen in the photos, and I did not think there were such beautiful women in Amsterdam. Indeed, that Sorana was so beautiful, much better than any other woman in the restaurant or whom I had seen in Amsterdam in those days.


The beautiful Sorana wore a sexy black evening dress, with a broad neckline and a slit that highlighted her breasts and very long legs. Silver heels and a necklace. The black hair was loose and fell on the hair with elegance. Sorana was beautiful, perfect, without even a defect. I hadn’t indicated any preference for her outfits, but she wore exactly what I wanted.

Sorana saw me and greeted me. I immediately felt comfortable, as if I had known Sorana forever. It was incredible, and I had never had that feeling with any other girl, not even with my ex-girlfriend.

We entered the restaurant and ordered our food. Fortunately, Thomas was right, the food was delicious, the staff polite, and Sorana was a brilliant girl. We talked all the time about our lives, and she was really the girlfriend I wanted, and I never really had.

Sweet Sorana, where were you when I was wasting time with my ex-girlfriend? Why haven’t I met you before?

The beautiful thing about Sorana was the sincere interest she showed in me. I was talking, she was asking questions, she also gave me some handy advice for my life, she proposed things we could do together and she said that she absolutely wanted to see me again before I returned home.

I thought I was crazy when I heard those words. Sorana was really interested in seeing me! I told her we would undoubtedly meet to have sex in my hotel room, and she told me why she should wait until tomorrow night.

I could not find an explanation to refute that sentence. It was the best invitation in my life, and I couldn’t help but accept it. We finished eating quickly (the restaurant is fantastic, I recommend their really delicious desserts), and we immediately went to my hotel. I was looking forward to having sex with the beautiful Sorana all night and finally forgetting my ex once and for all.

Did we have sex? Damn, yes!

Is sex with Sorana fantastic? “Fantastic” is not the exact word. I absolutely cannot describe the emotions I felt with that girl. You should definitely try her at least once in a lifetime.

Will I see her again? Sure. I am planning my new trip to Amsterdam, and I know that my Best GFE Amsterdam escort babe is waiting for me, and I can’t wait.

I have a romance with an escort, and I couldn’t be happier!