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Pamela Escort Interview – a night of sex

During my interviews with the hot Amsterdam escorts, I met lots of beautiful girls with exciting stories. Many colleagues and friends always ask me the same thing: “Have you ever been tempted to have sex with them?”

Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted by their body and the idea of ​​having sex with beautiful girls, but I’ve never been a big escort fan. I don’t like the idea of ​​having sex paying a girl, and maybe this is due to my education or my ideal as a man. But yes, I confess that I often have the strong temptation to have sex with them, and if one of the hot Amsterdam escorts would offer me a night of sex at a good price, well, I don’t know if I’d resist temptation.

The temptation is always powerful, but when I was asked to interview the beautiful hot Amsterdam escort Pamela, well, I couldn’t resist her charm.

I contacted Pamela and arranged to meet in the lobby of the Ibis Amsterdam hotel to talk about her life.

Pamela wore a beautiful gray suit and red heels. She was one of the most beautiful women I saw in my life, and I could understand how it was possible to spend top money for just one night of sex with her.

But I had to be professional, and do my job, or ask hot and controversial questions to get answers that would attract attention.

“Hi Pamela, introduce yourself to all our readers.”

“Hi everyone, I am a hot Amsterdam escort of 26 years, and my name is Pamela. My job is to spend my time with a client. Together we will agree on what we will do in the time we spend together.”

“My experience tells me that in most cases, you will have sex, right?”

“Exactly, but it is not always so. I have clients who just want to have dinner with me or spend time with a woman. I often went to the movies with clients, or to the theater or to business meetings.”

“Business meetings?”

“Yes: Large companies often have meetings in hotels with clients and potential investors. In some situations, I was an escort for some executive who wanted to be seen together with a beautiful girl, while in other meetings I was a hostess who had to make sure that investors had everything they wanted. ”

“In these situations, did you have sex?”

“Yes. Investors are not stupid, and they know how these things work. Those who wanted to have sex with me could do it, and my client would have paid me the next morning for extra services. I can’t tell you who I had sex with, but they are managers of very important companies, and they have quite strange sexual tastes. ”

“I guess. Did you meet any respectful customers?”

“In most cases, yes, but on some occasions, I found myself in situations that made me uncomfortable.”

“What situations?”

“Some customers insisted on seeing lesbian shows, but I’m not interested in doing them, or double penetrations. But the worst moment was when the client involved cocaine.”

“Cocaine? I don’t understand.”

“Maybe it will seem strange to you since I am an escort, but I have a very healthy lifestyle. I never drink alcohol, I train every day with Yoga and CrossFit, but above all, I don’t use any kind of drugs or cigarettes. I have friends who they had drug problems that were very difficult to overcome, and I swore to myself that I would never, ever use any drugs, I never even entered a coffeeshop because even the smell of weed disturbs me. ”

“I didn’t think you had this lifestyle.”

“I am not the ideal escort for a wine-based evening. I am charming, intelligent, and have a beautiful body, but if you are looking for sex, drugs and rock’n roll, well, you have chosen the wrong Amsterdam hot escort.”

“I guess. Tell me about this cocaine situation, please.”

“I hate coke, it’s a thing I hate with all my strength. On a couple of occasions, I had sex with a man who sniffed cocaine and didn’t tell me. It wasn’t pleasant, but very painful. The client of this story insisted on me sniffing cocaine with him and licking the drug from his cock. ”

“A cocaine blowjob?”

“Yes, exactly. I don’t know where this idea came from, and I’m not even interested in knowing, but it was the last thing I would have done in my life, not even for all the money in the world. He was convinced that cocaine turns him into a porn star like Ron Jeremy, able to have sex for hours, But it’s not true. Cocaine makes men agitated and violent, and I don’t want to have sex with them. ”

“So, what happened?”

“I refused to have sex, and he got angry. I called hotel security and told them what was happening. He gave me a lot more money to convince me not to report him. This client is a person known in Amsterdam, and a scandal could ruin his business. Not asking me who he is, I won’t say his name, it’s part of our secrecy agreement. ”

“Privacy agreement?”

“I won’t reveal his name, and in return, I get money every month. That guy chose the wrong hot Amsterdam escort to ask cocaine blowjob.”

“Do you do it for revenge?”

“Yes and no. I don’t like drugs and the idea that a man asked me to do just those things offends me a lot, but I’m also an escort, and everything I do is based on money. I wondered what it was The best way to get the maximum profit in this situation and ask for money every month was the best thing, it can be blackmail, but I see it as an agreement, the customer apologized, and we had sex in a normal way. So, from a certain point of view, he pays my performances every month. ”

The interview is over, I couldn’t get the name of that client.

What else to say? A determined girl who knows what she wants.

And I bet that is phenomenal in bed.