Not being ashamed of fetishes

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Not being ashamed of fetishes

Every man has some particular passion for some sex fetish, and it’s perfectly normal. Fetish is a specific passion for an object, a sexual practice, a part of the body, and that is what makes a person or a unique relationship. Making love with an Amsterdam escort foot fetish is a very different experience than the one that happens with a woman who doesn’t share this fetish.

Having fetish is perfectly normal. Still, many people are not comfortable living their sexuality or admitting that they have a particular passion for high heels, feet, or some specific clothing.

Fortunately, times are changing, and thanks to the web, it is possible to fully live one’s sexuality and meet people who have the same fetish of ours and have sex or talk about it without prejudice.

Despite this, many people are still uncomfortable admitting they have a fetish.

In this post, we will list 5 reasons why a person should not dream of having a fetish. You will also discover that having a particular fetish is not such a strange thing, and it is a detail that makes each person unique.


Sexual fantasies are not a problem. The discomforts they cause you are only caused by other people and by the importance you give to their opinion. Despite everything, sex is still a taboo in many cultures, and it is not allowed to talk about specific topics without running the risk of being judged negatively.

Don’t let people’s prejudices ruin your life and sexuality. No one can afford to judge your sexual preferences if they do not harm other people.



There is no reason why you should ask for the approval of people for your fantasies. The only people who are involved in your fantasies are you and your escort, who can accept or not to realize what you want. As long as you are both happy to do the kind of sex you want, there are no problems.

People who always seek the approval of others are unhappy and will never have the opportunity to really be themselves.


Don’t think you’re the only person in the world who has a particular fetish for nude heels, for example. Around you, some so many people have the same passion and who, like you, are afraid to reveal it publicly.

Use the web to talk about your passions with other people, initially via computer, and then with meetings in person. You will discover that so many people have the same desires and sexual fantasies.



What you do in the hotel suite is your business and that of your hot escort. The escort is an adult and responsible person, who spontaneously accepts to realize fantasies, without being forced by violence.

Until you force someone to fulfill your fantasies with violence, there are no problems, and no one has the right to judge you negatively.


Sexual fantasies are exactly like musical tastes, those in dress, and so on. They are a distinctive trait of personality and make us unique.

Learn to accept this side of your character, and don’t think you’re weird. Even Elvis Presley was a foot fetish and loved white-colored underwear. Yet, this fantasy didn’t stop him from becoming one of the greatest singers of all time.


Think about the words you just read and don’t be afraid to reveal your fantasies to the beautiful Amsterdam lady escort you hired tonight.