Inna Escort Interview

Amsterdam escort Inna

Inna Escort Interview

Since I started working, I immediately realized that there are jobs that literally have an “expiration date.” These are jobs that cannot be done for the whole career and that are destined to end naturally, without anyone being able to do anything about it. For example, a top model can take the utmost care of her body, but she can never stop aging and sooner or later, a younger and more beautiful model will come and take her place. Or a footballer or a professional athlete. The sportsman will reach a point where he will never be able to guarantee the same performances as in previous years and will have to abandon the competitive career to make room for new athletes.

Or some actors and singers who are unable to renew themselves and propose new and interesting material. The story is full of meteors musicians who have guessed a single hit and have not been able to renew themselves.

Escort girl work is also a job that has an expiration date. Girls get older and have to compete with teenagers with perfect bodies. In that case, the girls have to think about how to get out of the business in the best way.

I want to talk about this with today’s escort girl, the beautiful Inna.

Inna is 25 years old, and I think she is the ideal girl to talk about her exit strategy.

Our meeting takes place in the main hall of the Okura Amsterdam hotel. Inna is beautiful in black pants, white shirt, and red heels.

I have many questions, I don’t have to waste time and start the interview immediately.

“Hi Inna, introduce yourself to all our readers.”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Inna, and I am a professional escort. I have been working in the sector for several years, and I can realize all the fantasies of any client, even the most incredible.”

“Have you been working as an escort for a long time?”

“Yes, since I was 20 years old.”

“How did it all start?”

“How many of my escort girlfriends started. They needed money, they couldn’t find work, they had a natural aptitude for sex, they wanted to try new experiences and transgress. All these features put together made me become a professional escort.”

“I guess the money was the main motivation.”

“Yes, I would never have found a job that would guarantee me the same monthly income.”

“Do you earn a lot?”

“Yes, I can’t complain at all, and I will never talk negatively about this job because it is only thanks to the job of an escort that I can live in a big house, have dinner in famous restaurants, buy all the clothes I like and travel a lot. I could never have done all this by working as a secretary or as a shop assistant. Yes, this job is not suitable for those who want a family, but for the moment I’m happily single, and I don’t need a partner. ”

“Do you want to reveal how much you earn?”

“No, but I’m sure it’s much higher than your salary.”

“I guess so.”

“The real money is made with extra services. Anal sex, kissing, various fetish, cumshot, and threesome. Every client has a particular perversion, and I can realize them if he pays enough. Everyone has a price.”

“Yes, I remember a person who said a similar phrase, a billionaire.”

“He was really right.”

“You are 25 years old, and you have a phenomenal body, and I’m sure you have, and you will have lots of customers for a very long time, but sooner or later your body will not be able to compete with that of young girls, and the experience will not be enough to always have work. What are your plans for the future? ”

“Well, thanks for the compliments. I know that I won’t be able to do this job forever, even though I know some 40-year-old escorts who have always worked, often with the usual customers for years. But I don’t want to do this job forever, and I prepared an exit strategy to totally change my life. ”

“Don’t you want to continue in this area?”

“No, I should create my escort agency, but I’m not interested. I’m studying to become a physiotherapist and masseuse at university, and I’m also gathering information to become a yoga teacher too.”

“So your future is in the fitness industry?”

“Yes, I have been passionate about training for several years, and I thought of combining my passion with my skills and solving a need for so many people to lose weight and be fit. I could open a gym or work as a personal trainer. “There are so many options, I just have to choose the best one for my future. I could also continue to be an escort for some clients and camgirls. I also have ideas for activities that relate to the web.”


“Yes, but not only. I do not talk about it for good luck. One thing is sure: when I leave this business it will be on my terms, and I will have a clear idea of what I will do next. I will not find myself with nothing to do. I will have a very long vacation, and then I will start this new chapter of my life. ”

“You are a girl who has clear ideas about her future. I wish you to realize all your projects.”

“Thank you very much, I enjoyed our interview.”


Today’s interview is over. The hot Amsterdam escort Inna really has clear ideas about her future, and I hope you can achieve everything you have in mind. There will never be a personal trainer as beautiful as her.