How I started as an escort, life as an escort

We often wear masks in our lives, but when we look in the mirror all the masks disappear!

When I started my escort life, I knew I would see lots of places and that I would meet many situations and that I would live many different moments right from one extreme to another!

When I started as an escort, my start was not easy with good and light parts but also with lots of lessons to learn!

The first time I got to Amsterdam and got into the RED LIGHT, I started to visit the place to get acquainted with everything there!

The first place that attracted my attention was the EROTIC MUSEUM, a mysterious place that attracts and seduces at the same time!

Going there, I saw the famous place of MOULIN ROUGE very visited in Amsterdam, as well as CANNABIS MUSEUM, a place that offers a lot!

I was walking and seeing everything, even the showcases where I was going to work, it was a new beginning, and everything I saw around gave me the hope of a great place!

The first day of work was very strange; I had to stay sexy for many hours in front of a window, the people were passing and watching the people and me coming in!

In working at the showcase the hours are hard and tiring, people pass by and look at you, and the smile must not miss! After a while I was very tired, I felt like a robot, and I felt I had no energy!

After a while, I found out about the agency system for escort life and then I chose to try, a decision that changed and relieved my life!

The escort life in the agency is wonderful, everything is very discreet, and I see many luxurious places .. I worked in the most elegant hotels in Amsterdam as HOTEL HILTON DOUBLE TREE AMSTERDAM and many more wonderful places!

Working with the escort agency was the best choice. I have respect, protection, and discretion! I do not feel like a piece exposed for sale or rent more exactly!

Now that I look in the mirror I do not see merchandise exposed in the showcase, but I see a successful woman working with professionals who have protection and who offers and receives just as much!
I am a luxury escort, and my success is guaranteed because I work with the best! The choices made change our lives, it changed me!