Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

There are tons of fetishes that men love during sex. There are people who have a fetish for fishnet stockings, or for high heels, or for leather. But there is one fetish that is very common and that both men and women are passionate about the Foot Fetish. There are thousands of men who love to kiss and lick the feet of their escort babes, and at the same time, many women love the feeling of pleasure and power they have when a man kisses their feet. Since this fetish is very popular, we could not fail to create an escort service able to satisfy all foot lovers’ requests. For this reason, we are proud to present the Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, the professional escort service that allows you to kiss, lick and do whatever you want with the feet of the Amsterdam escort babe you hired for your night!

If you are also a foot fan, then you are in the right place at the right time because by reading this article, you can understand if our new Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is what you are looking for.

Keep reading these words; I’m sure you will find them very interesting!


Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency … very interesting. I’ve never had any foot fetish tendencies, but there’s always a first time, right? I am very interested in trying this service, can you tell me what I can do?

Several psychological theories try to explain the origin of foot fetishism. One of the main theories says that the woman’s foot represents the penis, and the man who cuddles the foot is afraid of losing his manhood. We are not involved in psychology, but we know that feet are one of the female body parts that attract most men. Therefore we have created the Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency to make all foot lovers happy.

In this service, you will have the honor and privilege of being able to kiss and lick the feet of the escort babe you have hired all night. Imagine being able to passionately suck every single toe of her feet, or to lick the sole of her foot as if it were ice cream. You will drive all women crazy and you will not be able to hold back your arousal for long, and you will be looking forward to having sex.

Our babes are all passionate about foot fetish. They have a great collection of heeled shoes that you can use during the Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency to fulfill all your most secret fantasies. We believe you will love every single pair of shoes.

Each babe has obsessive care of their feet and can paint their nails in any color according to your directions to fully customize your request. You will be sure to kiss and lick 100% manicured and clean feet, the true paradise of any foot fetishist.


Very intriguing, I must admit. Are there even any hottest things that can be done with my escort babe’s feet?

Yes obviously. You will be surprised to find that there are so many things you can do hot with your feet, for example, footjobs.

The footjob is a variant of the handjob that is performed with feet instead of hands and that all our girls know how to perform perfectly. They will wrap the soles of your feet around your penis and move gently and quickly, masturbating you with great energy until you reach orgasm. The footjob’s quality is stellar, and you can’t help but love it when you first experience this and everything else you can have thanks to Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!

You will also be able to take a cumshot on your escort babe’s feet at the end of the fuck and decide if she should also wear heels while she receives your hot cum. Oh, I forgot; you can also customize the footjob by deciding if the girl should wear heels or not.


Fabulous! But I guess you can only buy the service if I have sex, right?

Yes exactly. You cannot purchase this service only and it will be available as an extra to customize your Amsterdam Escort Experience only if you also purchase services that include sex such as the basic sex package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom or the Anal sex service for anal sex of first quality. In these cases, you can also buy the Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency to make your experience unique.


I understood. Are there any things I shouldn’t do during this service?

Yes, there are some rules you must follow in order not to risk compromising the quality of the service; here they are:


– Never be rude, and don’t disrespect the escort babe you hired for your evening. She is working to please you, don’t forget that.

– You can’t bite the escort babe’s feet. You don’t have to hurt the girl.

– If you want to take a cumshot on the girl’s feet, make sure she can clean herself when you’re done.

– You can customize your Amsterdam escort experience by having the escort wear special shoes, or you can buy the shoes you want the babe to wear. All the shoes you buy for your babe will be a gift for her, and the escort girl will have the right to take them with her once the escort service is over.

– We remind you that all the sex you will have must be done with a condom, without any exception.

– We also remind you that it is not allowed to take photos or videos during the Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency or during your entire Amsterdam Escort Experience.


Respect these simple rules, and you will have a top-quality service!