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Sonya Escort Interview

Often readers ask me if I prepare the questions before interviewing the kinky Amsterdam escort of the day. My work routine is very simple: I study the profile of the girl and the information the agency gives me, and then start planning some questions, usually 2/3. I never want to prepare a script, and I prefer that the whole conversation be as natural as possible, and during these interviews, I ask questions that I believe can generate controversy and discussion.

I followed the same working method for today’s interview with the beautiful Sonya, a fantastic escort.

The appointment with Sonya takes place at the Popeye coffee shop, where we drink Coca Cola and do not smoke. Sonya has a meeting with a client soon, and she doesn’t want to take drugs while she works.

The girl is lovely, wearing high heels and a flowered dress, jewelry, and sunglasses.

The interview is about to begin, I hope the conversation will allow you to ask very interesting questions and to trigger a friendly debate.

“Hi Sonya, thanks for taking the time to be here with me. Greet all the readers.”

“Hi guys, thanks to everyone for wanting to read my story. I am Sonya, your favorite escort, and I can fulfill all your wishes. I have no limits, you just have to ask.”

“How long have you been working as an escort?”

“I have been doing this job for three years. I like it and have fun, so I can’t complain, I’m a fortunate girl. Before that, I wasn’t so happy.”


“I had a regular job, indeed, very prestigious. I was one of the secretaries of a famous company that produces luxury ships. I don’t want to say the name, so don’t ask me. I earned very well, I had a beautiful house, a fast car, power, I ran a considerable amount of money and was destined to have a great career. ”

“It looks like a perfect job.”

“It wasn’t perfect, but it was a great job. Lots of girls would kill for the chance to work there.”

“You said you weren’t happy, how come?”

“I didn’t have a life, my days were dedicated only to work, there was no room for anything else. I didn’t have the time to see my friends, go to the gym, go shopping or have sex, unless doing it with the CEO, and it happened often. ”

“You worked a lot.”

“Very much, too, and I could not enjoy my money. I think it is useless to work a lot and not have the opportunity to enjoy money and life now. I am not interested in enjoying life at fifty, because I don’t even know if I will live until the age of 50. What matters is the now, and I want to live well now, not in thirty years. ”

“You could ask for a lighter schedule.”

“I did it.”

“And what happened?”

“The boss laughed and refused my request. He said that I should consider myself lucky to work at that level and that I just had to give thanks for the chance.”

“And what did you do?”

“At that moment, the stress took control of me, and I didn’t understand anything anymore. I had a fight with the boss, and we offended one another on a personal level, and everybody heard every word. I think it was the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

“And then what happened?”

“As you can imagine, it wasn’t a good time for me at work. They couldn’t fire me because they had to pay the penalty, and I was determined to sue the company. I didn’t want to fire me to not lose all the money I would have received for liquidation. The situation was stalled, and I spent time at home, collecting checks and trying to get rid of the stress. I was paid to stay at home, but I couldn’t do anything else, and that situation wouldn’t last long. ”

“And what did you do?”

“I read about personal growth books, and I started to see things from a different point of view. First of all, I didn’t want to work as an employee anymore, I had to be autonomous and dedicate my time and energy to enrich myself, and I had to choose something that would make me feel good, and at that moment only sex could give me pleasure. I decided to invest in sex and burn bridges with the past. I quit my job, and I chose to become a professional Amsterdam escort, and it was the best decision of my life. ”

“Are you happy now?”

“I am delighted. I have sex every day with different men without having to worry about ties and affections, I get paid to do it, and every evening I have dinner in starred restaurants that are always different, I sleep in luxury hotels, and I have men who buy me all kinds of gifts. I can’t complain, this is the life I want. Besides, I have control over my bookings, which means I can have sex with whomever I want. ”

“Do you love being in control of the situation?”

“Yes, in bed and in life. Control is essential for me, for too long, I have allowed others to control me and my time. Now it’s time to change things, and I’ll never let anyone control me or my time. The music has changed, and now I, Sonya, am the only mistress of my destiny, and nothing can change it. ”

“Are you very determined. Do you expect to have a long career?”

“I will continue until I have fun, and the fun has just begun.”

My interview with the lovely Sonya is over. A determined girl who wants to get revenge. I appreciate her desire for redemption, and I’m sure the hot kinky Amsterdam escort Sonya is a tiger in bed.