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Sheila Escort Interview

In the interview with Anika, the beautiful Amsterdam escort girl told me that some girls had terrible experiences with customers, and these events prompted the agency to review their travel policy and create more stringent rules. However, the unexpected is always lurking in this work, and I am very interested in hearing the stories of these girls and their experiences. I asked Anika to tell me the names of these girls privately, and I contacted them for an interview. The first on the list is the beautiful blonde escort Sheila, a lovely girl who I already wanted to interview.

Sheila agreed to be interviewed with me, and the meeting has been scheduled to take place in the lobby of the Ibis Amsterdam hotel. Sheila decided to wear a yellow dress and black sandals for the meeting. A very sensual but not vulgar look. Anika had told me that Sheila had a class in choosing her outfits.

Very well, the interview can begin, I can’t wait to hear Sheila’s story.

“Hi Sheila, thank you for being here with me.”

“Thanks to you, you are the first who wants to know my bad experiences with customers, and finally, I can tell them.”

“First, introduce yourself to all readers.”

“Hi everyone, my name is Sheila, I am 24 years old, and I am a professional escort. My job is to make love with clients for money and give them my time and attention. Usually, the experiences are beautiful, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. ”

“I am very interested in these experiences. Please tell me more.”

“I have to be correct and to say that these experiences did not happen while working with this agency. Since I work with them, I have never had any problems thanks to the selection that is made before booking. All my negative experiences have occurred while working with my previous agency. Don’t ask me the name of the agency, we have a deal, and I can’t reveal it. I can’t afford the risk of a lawsuit. ”

“No problem, you can tell me anything you want.”

“I am a girl who hates drugs. I know it can be a contradiction in Amsterdam, but I can’t stand any drugs, and I can’t stand even cigarettes and secondhand smoke for personal reasons. I’ve always refused to go to the coffee shop with clients for this reason, and I don’t want to have sex or work with people who took drugs. This is one of my rules. I never had any problems with clients until a guy paid me to have anal sex in her room. I went to the room and noticed that the guy looked very upset. At first, I didn’t think much about it because I thought he could be embarrassed at the idea of ​​having sex with an escort for the first time, or for some other reason, but I was wrong. ”

“What happened?”

“My client had gone to the bathroom to get ready while I was completely naked and barefoot on the bed, ready to have sex. The client had been in the bathroom for five minutes, and I was thinking that something was happening. Initially, I thought he had a problem to get an erection, or that he was masturbating to get aroused. I went to check and opened the door. That guy was sniffing a huge streak of cocaine in front of me. I was furious, and I told the customer that we would never, ever have sex I don’t work with junkies. I phoned the staff asking to pick me up as the client got more and more nervous. I was always naked, but I didn’t care. I was getting dressed when the client grabbed me and tried to have sex with me.”

“Was he raping you?”

“I think that was his intention, but his cock didn’t work, no erections, and I started screaming, and he got scared. I went to the bathroom on my cell phone and told the staff member the room number and come in at any cost, the situation had gone out of control, and I needed help. ”

“And what happened?”

“The customer knocked on the bathroom door and apologized, but I didn’t want to open. I was so close to that cocaine streak, and I was disgusted. The staff member arrived in ten minutes, but it seemed ten hours to me. He entered in the room, asking what was going on with the hotel staff. The client had dressed, and I came out of the bathroom naked. The only thing that interested me was to be safe. The agency threatened to sue the customer, and I was going to report him for attempted rape. The guy pleaded with us not to do it, and we reached a monetary deal. I earned in a moment what I would have made in a year, but I wasn’t happy. I was full of anger, and that episode ruined my relationship with the agency, because the staff withheld a large percentage of the compensation I received, to compensate for the lack of service.

That gesture made me feel like I was guilty, and it was intolerable for me. I decided to get away from that agency and looked for a new one, and found Amsterdam Hot Escort. Now I am much happier, and I have the certainty of working with professional people. They assured me that I will never live similar experiences again, and I am happy now. ”

“A bad story, I guess it was difficult to continue working as an escort after everything that happened to you.”

“No, I love my job, and an imbecile will never ruin the pleasure of having sex.”

“I understand. Thanks for the interview, and good luck.”

“Thanks to you for wanting to listen to me.”


The interview is over, and we left the hotel.