Escort Interview Sharon

Sharon Escort Interview

Today is the time to interview another escort, and I look forward to knowing all the reasons behind her choice to enter this business.

I’m always interested in the motivations that pushed people to make certain choices, and I’ve always loved reading the origins of superheroes. The exciting thing is to understand which was the factor that started the series of events that allowed that person to be there at that time. A minimum change would have sufficed to upset the whole story.

Is this destiny? Is it a divine plan?

I don’t know, I only know that I’m interested in listening to the story of the beautiful hot Amsterdam escort Sharon, and I booked an interview with her in The Bulldog coffee shop.

Sharon is punctual to the appointment, wearing heels and jeans, with a black shirt. She’s a really nice girl, and I’m sure she’s gorgeous.

I don’t want to waste time, it’s time to do the interview.

“Hi, Sharon, greet the readers.”

“Hi friends, I am Sharon, I am happy to have the opportunity to tell my story.”

“Well, Sharon, tell me why you chose to enter this business.”

“I am a very active person. I hate wasting time and doing nothing for days. I go to the gym, I jog, I have a lot of hobbies, and in general, I always know how to occupy my time. My terror is to get bored, so I look for something to do every day. You can say that this work is exciting and it is impossible to get bored. I always meet different men, different attitudes, cocks of various sizes, hotels, and unique situations. But this is not the whole truth. The truth is that I entered this business for revenge and to escape a personal situation that was wearing me down, and I’m sure that if I hadn’t done it now, my life would have been much worse. ”

“Can you tell me about this personal situation, or is it too intimate a subject?”

“Yes, I can talk about it, I have nothing to hide. It all started because of the incompatibility of character with my partner.”


“No, my boyfriend was a quiet boy who didn’t like going out at night or going to nightclubs. His ideal night was in bed, with a book or a movie. Initially, this was fun because it was something different than my standards, but in the long run, it has become boring. No trip, few friends, very few evenings at the restaurant! I’m not old, I want to have fun! ”

“Did you have sex?”

“Yes, he wasn’t bad in sex, but he was boring. Always the same pattern: 69, oral sex, doggy style, cumshot. One word: BORING!”

“If this guy was so boring, then why did you have a relationship with him?”

“Don’t get me wrong, he is a good person, and perhaps his quiet character attracted me. At that moment, I wanted something quiet in my life, but I could not change my true nature.”

“Or the impulse that leads you to leave the house and party?”

“Exactly. That life was not suitable for me, and we talked about it often, arguing a lot.”

“And what happened?”

“Our relationship ended, and I didn’t want to go back to that house anymore. I wanted to do all the things I hadn’t had the chance to do, like wild sex and evenings on the premises. But there was a problem.”

“Such a problem?”

“Money. Mine was a costly lifestyle. The aperitif every night, going to discos, new clothes, luxurious shoes, car trips, they were all costly, and I didn’t have a job that could afford to have the lifestyle I was looking for. ”

“What work did you do?”

“I used to work in a part-time ice cream shop, but my partner brought the money home. I want to make it clear again: he was a great worker and a beautiful person, we simply had different lifestyles too. I hope he can understand my point of view, sooner or later. ”

“Are you sorry for what you did?”

“Maybe I could have handled things differently, but there were few solutions to that problem.”

“How did you get into the business?”

“I read a lot about sugar daddy, and I was interested. Having a man ready to pay for anything was my dream, and then I like having sex. I tried to become an escort for some time, just to see what was happening and if I could make money, and in the end, I succeeded. Now I have all the money I want, I live the life of my dreams, and I can’t be happier. ”

“If you were to meet your ex-partner today, what would you tell him?”

“I am sorry for many of the things I said and did. Today I am a different person, and I could have managed everything in a better way. I don’t hate you, and thanks to you, I have become what I am now. I hope we could be friends one day. ”

“Do you want to say one last thing to the readers?”

“Yes, do not be prejudiced and try an escort if you want to transgress. We are common girls, with passions, strengths, and weaknesses, and it will be an incredible experience for both. Choose to have a hot evening, and if you want, I will be the sexy Amsterdam escort of your dreams! ”

Sharon escort girl

“Thank you for your time, Sharon.”

“Thanks to you, I hope we will talk again in the future.”

“I hope.”


The interview with Sharon ends. Who knows what would have happened if this girl had a boyfriend with a lifestyle similar to her. Life is strange; a single decision can influence the rest of existence. Sharon’s choices have led her to talk to me today, and who knows what will happen in the future.

In any case, I’ll be here to tell it.