Escort Interview Ruby

Ruby Escort Interview

Ruby escort interview

In the last meeting, I started to deepen the topics of conversation that are unwelcome to escort babes during dinner dates, Amsterdam city tours, and whenever they have the opportunity to talk with clients. These topics are hated by escort babes for many reasons, and they result in ruining the mood of the evening and irritating the escort babe considerably.


Today I have to interview a new escort named Ruby, a real heartbreaker who has made so many men fall in love with very long legs, with a fascinating look. Ruby is a much sought after escort by clients who wish to spend time at a dinner date in a famous restaurant in Amsterdam, and I am sure that she has undoubtedly found herself in unpleasant situations, where customers have spoken (voluntarily or involuntarily) of detested topics from the escorts.


I contacted the agency. I asked for permission to talk about these sensitive topics, and I got the approval of the beautiful Ruby. Our meeting takes place at the restaurant “Le Due Sicilie,” where Ruby has a meeting with a client soon. The girl is wearing a beautiful white evening dress, jewelry, and gold necklaces, and her hair is gathered in a cute hairstyle.

The customer will arrive in a few minutes, I have little time to ask my questions, and I hope to have some exciting answers.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Ruby, thank you so much for giving me a few minutes of your time. Greet the readers and introduce yourself.”

“Hi everyone, I’m Ruby, a professional escort. I’m happy to talk to you, and I’m sorry if I have little time to stay with you, but I have lots of commitments, and this is the only time I have free time.”

“No problem. I talked to other escort babes about the topics that you girls hate during dinner dates. What are the topics of conversation you hate?”

“So many. For example, when customers try to know my real name or where I live. But the argument that infuriates me most is that of money. I am an extremely professional girl, but talking about money can make me furious.”

“What kind of arguments make you nervous?”

“Mainly customers who try to get any kind of discount on my services. They are people who do not understand my job and my professionalism, and they believe that I am here just for fun. I hate it when a person tries to be kind and wants to get some discounts. They are not buying a car or a pizza, but my time and my body, and if you want to have it, you have to pay my price. I can’t stand this kind of request. ”

“I guess. How do customers ask you for these discounts?”

“Initially they try to be kind, play pranks, and then ask for a discount on performance, or some extra free service. When I reject, they say they were just kidding, but I’m not stupid, and I know they want the discount. Another thing that really bothers me are the customers who want to know how much I make. ”

“Really? Why?”

“I don’t know why, but several people were extremely interested in my earnings, and they wanted to know how much money it was possible to earn by working as an escort. Obviously, I never said anything to any customer, and I reported these people to the agency, which banned them. forever.”

“I guess it’s not regular to disclose this information.”

“No, absolutely. I guess you wouldn’t reveal your salary to a complete stranger, and I have no reason to say such things to anyone. Only the agency staff can know these things. They are essential information to me, and they can create a series of problems. At first, I thought that the customers who asked these questions were tax agents who wanted to control my finances. Still, then I realized that they were just too curious customers, or they tried to rob me. ”

“Rob you? Are you sure?”

“Yes, some girls had a similar experience. A client asked the girl if she made a lot of money, and the girl made the grave mistake of telling him that she had made a lot of money that day. After sex, while she was under the shower to wash, the customer repaid money from my friend’s wallet, She was wrong not to check the wallet immediately, and when she noticed the theft it was too late to do anything, this customer was banned from the service, and “From that moment on we have a strict policy that prevents us from talking about money with customers for any reason. The only information we can disclose is the prices of our extra services.”

“I guess it wasn’t a pleasant experience for your friend.”

“No, absolutely not. Besides, she had to return the money that had been stolen. Don’t get me wrong, I love money, they are beautiful, but I think talking about money before having sex is incredibly vulgar. Only interested people have to talk about money, others just have to think about enjoying the service and making the best sex possible. You are a customer, the only thing you have to do is pay my price and have fun. You are not the person who has to talk about money with me. Talking about money with a client is something that immediately spoils my mood. ”

“What do you do when your mood is ruined?”

“Unfortunately I can do nothing, I will be in a terrible mood all evening. I will be professional, and I will do my best to satisfy the client’s requests and give him a service for the money he paid, but I will not be able to be emotionally involved, and that means only one thing. ”


“I will simulate an orgasm.”


“Yes, I’m very good at pretending.”


At that point, Ruby’s client arrived, and she couldn’t show me her simulation of orgasm. However, I am satisfied with the answers I got, and I hope to create further debate on the topics that escort babes detest.