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Roberta escort interview

Even today, I have the honor of interviewing another beautiful Amsterdam hot escort, the beautiful Roberta! Roberta is a lovely girl with big breasts and long black hair, which has attracted the attention of many customers and is getting great success in the agency, with lots of bookings and excellent feedback.


The agency told me that Roberta has a fascinating story to tell. She didn’t immediately start working as an Amsterdam hot escort girl, but she was a stripper, and only later did Roberta become a very successful escort babe.


I am very interested in understanding the motivations behind this gesture and the difference between the two jobs. I contacted the beautiful Roberta to organize a meeting, and the girl was thrilled to talk to me. The meeting took place in a bar in Amsterdam, in front of two drinks and a small aperitif. Roberta wore heels, jeans, a white shirt, and a black jacket. A lovely and seductive girl.

Roberta has a great desire to chat, so it’s the best time to start the interview.

“Hi Roberta, thanks for being here with us.”

“Thanks to you, it is a privilege to be chosen for an interview.”

“Tell me about yourself. The agency told me that you started as a stripper, and then you became an escort, is that correct?”

“Yes, everything is correct. I was 19, and to earn some money, I started working as a stripper, both in clubs and at home via webcam.”

“Can you talk to me about that job?”

“Of course. I’ve always had a beautiful body, and I’ve never been ashamed to undress in front of people. Music is part of me, and moving sensually is natural. I like dancing, people, I feel like having “A power over them, it’s an incredible feeling, much like a drug. I needed money, and I thought I’d use my talents to make quick money. I never played striptease as a job, but rather as a The idea of ​​making money doing something I like was very attractive, and I tried.

Amsterdam night club managers are always looking for girls, and when they saw me dancing, they realized I had something special. Every night I worked in clubs and got tips from many clients. I stopped only during the menstrual cycle, and I also worked on the web, selling personalized striptease to many customers. Maybe some of my videos have even ended up on PornHub or XVideos, but I don’t care. I made a lot of money, and that was the important thing for me. ”

“You were satisfied with what you were doing. But then you decided to become an escort. Why?”

“Well, there were so many reasons. The first is my character. I’m a girl who gets bored often, and even if the striptease is my great passion, I was starting to get bored. Don’t get me wrong, I loved undressing every night for the “People, but what I was doing was getting too repetitive. Dancing, choosing music, being naked, being touched, some extra service … the same old shit every night. I didn’t like it. Then I met some girls in the clubs that also worked as an escort, and they told me that I was losing a lot of money while being limited to the striptease. I was curious and wanted to verify those statements. I discovered the escort babes business, and they made a lot more money than me to have sex with customers, something that I had never done. At that moment, I realized that I was losing the opportunity to make so many big money, and I decided to change my career. ”

“Have you ever had sex with club clients?”

“No, never. Oral sex, handjob, footjob, but no sex. The club rules didn’t allow it, and I didn’t want to risk losing my job for a fuck. The club owners were very careful to watch over the girls to make sure that no stripper had sex. If I wanted to fuck, then I called a friend or boyfriend, but never a client. When I found out the numbers the escorts earned by having sex, I was shocked. ”

“Was it much more than you earned?”

“Yes, much more. And I loved sex, and I always received so many offers to fuck with club customers. I would have had so many clients and more money. I decided to try to become a professional escort, and I succeeded. Now I have all the money I want, I have sex every day, and I really enjoy it. I couldn’t be happier. ”

“What are the differences between stripper work and escort work?”

“The job of an escort is more complete. We can have sex, have orgasms, and deep physical contact with the customers. The work of stripper is much less physical. In that case, I only have to excite people, but I can’t bring them to the climax of the orgasm. In other words: I have a lot more fun fucking than dancing in clubs. ”

“I understand. What are your plans for the future, and what would you recommend to a girl: to become a stripper or an escort?”

“My plans for the future do not exist. I am not a girl who programs things. I have fun, and I live my present. I will continue to do this work until I have fun, then I will think of something else. I have enough money to be able to afford not to “I’m worried about having to look for a new job right away. As for the girl’s advice, I don’t know. If you want to make lots of money right away, then you immediately become an escort, especially if you’re very young. If you’re not sure if you can do it, then start making the stripper, and try to understand what you feel when you are naked in front of strangers. It’s not easy to have sex with strangers, never underestimate it. And always try to have control of the situation, both in sex and in career. ”

The interview is over, and I thank the beautiful Roberta for having dedicated part of her time to me.