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Rita Escort Interview

Even during the last interview, the beautiful Amsterdam escort babe that I interviewed said something exciting and that I would like to deepen with the escort babe that I will interview today. The girl spoke about the mindset needed to do the escort job, and that it is absolutely necessary to be sure of one’s skills. I want to understand if this mindset is true and how it can be implemented in the work of Amsterdam hot escort babe. Today I have to interview an escort named Rita, one of the agency’s veterans, and I really believe that she is the ideal girl to give me the answers I’m looking for.

Rita has a beautiful body and is a really very charming girl. She has many bookings, and we managed to find half an hour of her time for a quick interview in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Amsterdam. I will have to be good at asking the right questions at the right time, and I hope to do it.

Rita arrives on time, the girl is wearing open black sandals with a high heel, black pants, and a blue T-shirt. A casual but very sensual look, also thanks to the black shoes.

I don’t have to waste any more time, Rita has a booking soon, so it’s time to start with the questions.

“Hi Rita, thank you for being here with me today.”

“Thanks to you. I have little time, but I hope to be useful to you.”

“I’m sure you will be. Say hello to all our readers.”

“Hi everyone, Rita, 26, professional escort. I am a business veteran, and I am the best at what I do. Contact me, and we will have fun together.”

“I noticed one thing talking to some other escorts. The mentality you have is essential to being successful, isn’t it?”

“Exactly. Without the correct mindset, it is absolutely impossible to succeed. But I am not only talking about the job of escort, but also in life. I believe that our head is our best ally and, at the same time, our worst enemy and that he is easy to make mistakes and have internal limits that hold us back. ”

“Can you explain this concept better? What mindset do you have in your work?”

“The escort sector knows no crisis. As long as there are men who want to have sex, there will also be women ready to do it for money, and this is a fact. High demand from customers leads to a great offer, always in Every day, I see girls casting or asking about becoming an escort, and I understand that the competition is getting harder. I am not old, but I am not even 20 years old, and it starts to be challenging to compete with younger girls. What really makes the difference is the mindset you work with. ”

“How can you make a difference?”

“The mindset is fundamental to being able to do things in the best way. Obviously, they all say they are the best in the world, sexy women who can make anyone excited but is it true? I met some gorgeous women, goddesses with bodies without any defect, and less beautiful escorts. And in some cases, the less sexy girls have been more successful than the perfect goddesses. For what reason? For the mindset. You don’t just have to say that you are the best, you have to live like the best, think like number one, and convince the world that you are. ”

“How can it be done?”

“First, you need to develop strong self-esteem. To do this, there are many methods, but my favorite is to read personal growth books and to meditate whenever I have the opportunity. I visualized my success in my mind, and every gesture of mine must absolutely bring me closer to my goal; otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to try to do it. I don’t know if I’m really the best escort of the agency. I’d like to be, but I’m not really sure. But I move, I speak, and I act like I am really number one. My mind helps me sell my product and convince customers that what they bought is actually quality. In this job, it is necessary to sell a product, and I am that product. If I can sell, if I communicate to the customer the feeling that he cannot live without me, I did my job well. ”

“It could be said that modest and humble people cannot work as escorts.”

“I don’t mean that, but it’s undeniable that their mindset is wrong and unsuitable for this business, and I speak from experience.”

“What happened? Were you a humble and modest person?”

“Me? No, absolutely. But a friend of mine was, and she absolutely wanted to get into this business, and she begged me a lot to organize a casting. My friend has a beautiful body and a beautiful face, and I knew she had excellent chances to work in the sector, and I organized a casting, talking to the agency staff, and saying that she was the best. ”

“And what happened?”

“My friend came to the casting wearing a super sexy dress, and the staff told her I had warmly recommended her, saying it was” the best. ” She blushed and said she was” Ok. ” At that moment, all her chances of working as an escort disappeared. ”

“For what reason?”

“Because a recruiter does not want to hear a modest answer. He wants to feel that you are better than the best, that no one is like you, that you can do things that others do not even imagine, and so on. Modesty is harmful because it does not sell the product. My friend didn’t have the proper mindset, and she understood it and gave up on business. ”

“So, you need to be ambition and know how to sell the product?”

“You couldn’t have used better words.”

“Thanks to you, Rita.”

“Thanks to you, you are welcome.”


The interview is over.