Escort Interview Maysa

Maysa Escort

Maysa escort interview

The Bulldog coffeeshop is very welcoming, and I really like spending time here. There are interesting people, great music, I can drink Coke and smoke weed in peace.

But today I’m not here for pleasure, but for work. I have to meet a new escort, the nice Maysa, a girl who has a story to tell, and I’m the one who’s ready to listen to her and spread her words.

I organized this interview during a break between two Maysa meetings, and the coffee shop was the perfect place to talk.

Maysa still arrives dressed in an elegant way: sandals with stiletto heels, miniskirt, black jacket. Very nice, I guess the customer was satisfied with her outfit.

I greet Maysa and sit at the table. I want a chocolate cake and a Coke, Maysa only orders a fruit juice. The girl never smokes weed while she works.

Well, we’re ready to start the interview.

“Hi Maysa, thanks for being here. I’m sorry I forced you to talk to me during two services, but you’re always very busy.”

“Thank you for wanting to listen to my story. No problem, I have many clients, and I try to please everyone. I am trying to monetize as much as possible now, and then I can withdraw with a lot of money. I prefer to do so rather than using my days off. ”

“Tell me about yourself. I’m impressed that you’ve already planned your exit strategy from this world.”

“Well, I don’t want to do this job forever. Being an escort is very tiring and prevents you from really having a family. I’m a university student, and I needed money to study. I tried to look for part-time jobs, but all the jobs I found took too long, and I couldn’t study. I didn’t have many solutions in front of me. Stop studying or find a job that would allow me to make a lot of money without stealing much time. ”

“You just said that you have many commitments. How do you study while working as an escort?”

“I started working as an escort for several reasons. I like sex, I am single, and I read online several articles that showed the earnings of real professional escorts. I was amazed to see how much money these girls earned each month. “Incredible! I decided to try to be an escort, but first, I wanted to do some small tests.”

“What kind of test?”

“I got drunk, and then I went to some clubs, and I had sex with strangers. I had to figure out if I was able to get excited and have sex with every kind of person, even those who weren’t physically attractive.”

“Were you able to do it?”

“Yes. Alcohol helped me a lot, I have to admit it. I also tried sober, and it was more difficult, but I managed to do it. I fake orgasms very well, and sometimes I can reach it. Now having sex with strangers in exchange for money is a perfectly normal thing. Having sex is one of those things that becomes easier with practice. ”

“How do you manage your time? Can you study?”

“Initially, I took a few bookings because I gave priority to the study. I miss a few exams to graduate, and this job is only a temporary solution. I have not invested time, money, and effort to not graduate and became an escort babe. I want to make my own dream, and this job is only a means to do it.


“But I really like money. I am successful, so many customers, I eat in luxury restaurants, I have gifts, shoes, clothes. And I like it a lot. I decided to take a few months off from the studio, also because I started having every symptom of burnout. ”

“Any sabbatical months?”

“Yes, to concentrate on my job as an escort and make money. I don’t know if I will succeed in my career, and it is better to have money in the bank for every need. In a few months, I’ll stop having so many bookings, and I’ll start studying again. I completed all the most difficult exams at the beginning, so the ones that remained are much more manageable for me. ”

“I understand. What do you want to become?”

“Interior designer. I like to furnish, arrange furniture, imagine solutions to communicate my personality in a room. My goal is to have my studio within a couple of years and to work only in that area. Then who knows, maybe if I will not succeed, I will return to work as an escort. I could also keep in touch with my best clients to earn extra money. Having sex on a desk can be very exciting. ”

“Interior designer … a work based on creativity. It looks exciting.”

“It is. I’m a very creative girl, both in sex and in life. I love creating things that didn’t exist before. Do you need to redecorate your home?”

“Who knows …”

“Let’s stay in touch then,” says Masya, laughing.

“Would you recommend this lifestyle to a girl in the same situation?”

“I don’t know. I told you, having sex every day with strangers is not easy, it becomes tiring and boring. You must have a certain predisposition, and if you are not determined, it is the worst choice in your life. Choose a part-time job, or even online, and to try to study and graduate in the shortest possible time. The focus must be on the study. I know it is inconsistent on my part, but if you work part-time and want to study, then it is better to focus on the study; otherwise, it makes no sense to find only a part-time job. ”

“Very interesting.”

“I’m sorry, but now I have to go to the next client. I was pleased to talk to you.”

“My pleasure.”


I greet the beautiful Masya, who walks away to go have sex again.