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Madeline escort interview

Personally, I have never loved traveling so much. Maybe it’s because I have to travel a lot for work, and when I’m at home or on vacation, I just want to stop, rest, and sleep. A job where you are constantly on tour or traveling, always with your suitcase ready, is not what it does for me, but I respect very much who does it.

When the agency offered me to interview the beautiful Madeline, they told me she was a travel escort.

I didn’t understand what it was, but I knew it would be a fascinating interview. I contacted Madeline and organized a meeting in the Popeye coffee shop in Amsterdam. Madeline told me she couldn’t wait to talk to me, and she was already waiting for me when I arrived in the coffee shop.

The girl wore sweatpants, sports shoes, a Rolling Stones sweatshirt, and a baseball cap. Madeline’s image was very different from the seducing escort babe of the er profile, but her face was stunning, and the look was really sensual.

This girl is beautiful, I thought. And naked is even better.

But I don’t have to distract myself, I want to hear Madeline’s story, and I’m ready to do it.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Madeline, thanks for being here. I’m very curious to hear your story.”

“Thanks to you, I hope you can find it very interesting. I like talking about my past with people; it allows you to create a profound bond.”

“The agency told me that you are a travel escort. Can you explain better what a travel escort is?”

“Well, it is very simple. A travel escort is an escort who does not work in a city but moves continuously in different territories over time. Imagine that I am a superstar on a constant tour. Here, that’s a travel escort. A week I can be in Paris, a month in Rome, a week in Rotterdam, a weekend in London, and so on. ”

“I understand, but don’t you have regular customers?”

“Well, after you work this way for some time, you start to understand where you are most successful and how many customers you can rely on. I know that in London I have five regular clients, for example, and then I plan to stay there a week, to monetizing the maximum. In Madrid, I have never been successful, then it makes no sense to stay there and waste time and money. I was not affiliated with any agency, I was a real independent freelance. ”

“What are the advantages of this life?”

“First of all, you are entirely independent of the agencies, and therefore your income is more significant. Furthermore, you travel a lot, and you can meet more customers, and not get bored. Many men have told me that they get annoyed if they always have sex with the same woman and that they are looking for new stimuli. I have always believed that staying too long in a city was bad for business because, in a short time, the customers could lose interest in me. ”

“But now you are an escort who works in an agency, and you live in Amsterdam. How come?”

“I had already been to Amsterdam for work, but only for short periods of time. Competition from the Red Light District and escort agencies was very strong, and I could not win this competition. So I thought of coming here only for short periods of time, but they have become longer and longer. In a nutshell, I fell in love with Amsterdam. ”


“Amsterdam is an extremely tolerant city, where you can do whatever you want, and nobody will guide you. I have had bad experiences in other cities. People didn’t want me to work as an escort in their apartment building, and they caused me many problems with the police. In Amsterdam, instead, working as an escort is a perfectly normal thing. People’s tolerance really amazed me. Also, I found many opportunities to work and many clients. For the first time, I thought I was at home. I would stop here. ”

“And what did you do?”

“I started contacting escort agencies to start working with them. Since I was going to stay in Amsterdam for a living, I was willing to earn less for a series of benefits, like a staff that selected customers and advertising on the website. I am happy to work with this agency, they are correct and professional, I have many clients, and I don’t want to leave Amsterdam anymore. ”

“What do you recommend to a girl who wants to do this job? Travel escort or stay in a city?”

“There is not a single answer to this question. Traveling certainly allows you to get to know many people and learn new things about sex, but staying in one city is better for me. You can better organize your life and create a family one day. I would recommend traveling a few months, but then stopping somewhere forever.”

“Do you want to create a family?”

“Yes, I don’t want to be single forever, and I want children. I’m sure here in Amsterdam, I will find a man who is not interested in my work, and with whom I will create my family. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’m sure this man exists and lives in Amsterdam. ”

“I hope you find him. You are a beautiful girl, and I am sure you have so many suitors.”

“I have clients who want to get to know me personally, but for now, I keep my distance. I want to separate my business from my life.”

“I understand. I wish you luck.”

“Thank you too.”

The interview is over, and I greet the beautiful Madeline. I am sure that you will have a lot of success both in love and in your job as an escort in Amsterdam.