Escort Interview Karina

Karina Escort Amsterdam

Karina Escort Interview

During my interviews with the escorts, I was able to notice the quality of the agency they work with. I don’t want these words to be an advertisement, but it is right to underline the kindness and professionalism of the staff who collaborated with me to get in touch with the girls. I spoke to kind people who knew how to give me the answers I was looking for in all circumstances. All the girls have always told me that the kindness of the staff and the complete transparency policy were one of the main factors that pushed them to work for them.

I was very curious to talk to a girl who had negative experiences with clubs and agencies, and I asked the staff to give me a name to contact, and they were able to help me again. The team put me in contact with Karina, a mysterious girl who always has her face covered, 25 years old, with an olive complexion and a toned and energetic body.

I organized a meeting with Karina at the “Vinkeles” restaurant in Amsterdam to be able to talk about her past experiences, and the girl was very happy to accept my invitation.

Karina in the restaurant wears a beautiful green dress, a golden necklace and a scarf that covers part of her face. I also need to understand why she wants to cover her face.

The interview can begin, we have so many topics to talk about.

“Hi Karina, thank you for being here with me.”

“Thanks to you for the invitation, being interviewed has always been a dream of mine.”

“Well, start by talking to me about yourself.”

“I am Karina, and I am a professional escort. I have been working with this agency for two years, and I am satisfied. I am 25 years old, and I am not Dutch, I am German, I lived and worked in Frankfurt.”

“What was your job in Frankfurt?”

“I worked as an escort in night clubs. I spent my evenings dancing, undressing, and doing private shows with those who wanted to pay me. Every evening, without ever having a day off.”

“Did you like your job?”

“I love my job as an escort, living a luxurious life, having sex with many different men, having sex in exchange for money, having good clothes, and eating in expensive restaurants. They are all beautiful things that I can do thanks to my work as an escort. But I didn’t like that club.  First, it was small and dirty. The boss never spent too much money on cleaning the club, then I didn’t like the clientele we had at all. Every night I had to dance in the middle of drunk and vulgar people, who tried to touch me or put something in my pussy at all times. I had to quickly learn to take care of myself and protect myself. Private shows were stressful, everyone always wanted to have sex without paying, and I always had to have a bouncer near you in case of unacceptable customer behavior. ”

“I’m very sorry. Did you make good money?”

“I was able to make money thanks to private shows, but the boss had a percentage of any activity that took place in the club, so my income was minimal. I was able to pay the rent and bills, to buy food and new clothes to perform, but I was in trouble at the first unexpected event. A toothache was a catastrophe, I didn’t have the money to pay the dentist and the rent in the same month. I decided to leave that club after yet another bad experience with a client rude.”

“What happened?”

“I was performing a lap dance on the club stage when a client started throwing ice cubes on me. The ice cubes didn’t hurt me, what bothered me was the attitude of the guy, who only did it to give me I usually ignore these things and continue with my performance, but after a few minutes my patience was over, and I went to protest to the guy. I was naked, I was wearing only high heels, and I was really pissed. He was laughing and ignoring me. I took his glass of beer, and I spilled it all on his head, then I left. The boss was angry with me because I had annoyed the client. So I decided to quit. I didn’t want to waste time in that lousy club anymore. ”

“Why did you go to Amsterdam?”

I had met some girls in the club, who worked as escorts in Amsterdam, and they spoke to me very well about the city, telling me that if I really wanted to make money in this job, I absolutely had to go to Holland. The money was there, and I was missing my chance to eat a nice slice of the cake. I had no one to tie me up in Frankfurt, so I took my things, sent them to Holland with the express courier, and I left, looking for a place to rent. I found what I was looking for at a low price, and I contacted the escort agencies. Working with this agency was the turning point of my life because I found a professional staff, a valid customer selection, and transparent policy in everything. one regret, not having come to Amsterdam first, because here I really found my happiness. ”

“I am happy for you, Karina. I have one last question for you: why do you always have your face covered?”

“Well, there are no particular reasons, it’s just a marketing idea to create curiosity. Some customers told me they hired me because they wanted to see my face, and I’m happy to show it in private. Simply, a publicity stunt, nothing more, nothing less. ”

“I understand. Well, thanks a lot for your time, Karina, and good luck.”

“Thanks, good luck to you, too!”

The interview is over.