Escort Interview Ivana

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Ivana Escort Interview

Now my interviews with the escorts have become a pleasant routine, and I’ve found that all the girls have exciting stories to tell, and I’m happy to let every young Amsterdam escort tell about life experiences.

For this reason, I am very curious to interview the beautiful Ivana, one of the new hot Amsterdam escorts who have been engaged by the agency recently. I have some interesting questions to ask, and I want to learn more about her free time.

The contacts with the beautiful Ivana are perfect, the girl is a true professional, and she immediately manages to tell me when she can talk to me. I really appreciate it when people are organized because being able to work in an organized system allows all people to be faster and more efficient.

The appointment to interview the beautiful Ivana is at the coffee shop The Bulldog. When I arrive at the coffee shop, I discover that Ivana has already come and is waiting for me at the table we have booked. She is wearing a sporty dress and a hat. The girl told me she was in the gym to train, and this explains her outfit. Ivana greets me with a beautiful smile, and I’m excited to spend time with this sexy girl.

I have many questions, it’s time to start the interview.

“Hi Ivana, thanks for giving me time, I’m thrilled to talk to you.”

“Thanks to you, and I hope readers find what I have to say interesting. Thank you for the chance to talk about me.”

“Well, let’s talk about your work. How many years have you been working as an escort?”

“I have three years of experience in the sector, and I started working with the agency for a short time. We have been talking for some time about opportunities to collaborate, but we have only recently found an agreement that would satisfy both.”

“What were the difficulties you found in bargaining?”

“I wanted the chance to manage my clients by myself, but the agency didn’t agree. They want to check what I do, and I didn’t like that. We found a meeting point when the agency decided to reduce the percentage of my money you keep, and they can manage my bookings. ”

“I understand. Did you manage the negotiation personally?”

“Yes, never allowing someone to handle the negotiations for your money, it’s the best way to get screwed. I’ve always personally managed all my money, in any sector, and I’ve never had any problems.”

“I see. I’ve talked to other girls who have the same approach to this job.”

“Yes, I know them. They are right, it is the best way to have no problems and to make money. This is not a game, but a real job. The girls who think that being an escort is just a game are only girls. Women think about contracts and money. ”

“Have you ever thought of creating an escort union?”

“Yes, I talked to some girls about it, but according to them, it is not possible. Some too many girls accept engagements with low earnings percentages and other escorts who think that all this is just a game. The best way to change things is not it is fighting alone, but in a group, and my friends and I have taken advantage of being in a group to negotiate an excellent agreement. It was the last chance for us to do so. ”


“Because we are getting old, and in a few years we will have far fewer customers than now, and as a result, our bargaining power will be much less effective. Girls do not understand that this job has an expiration date, and it always arrives, sooner than later. Now is the time to monetize to the maximum, and then manage to handle the situation when there is not so much work. ”

“I understand. Do you also spend your free time managing money?”

“Yes. Now I’m studying the real estate market looking for excellent investments.”

“What kind of investments?”

“Real estate for rent. Real estate is still a good business to invest money, and I want to find passive income. I don’t want to work too long and then have no time and energy to enjoy my money.”

“Are you also investing in other sectors?”

“I’m thinking of creating something on the web, like an erotic site, or a course to become a perfect escort. The web is a tool I want to take a lot of, and it can be interesting to find new ways to invest from home.”

“Very interesting. But you should also relax on your free days.”

“I do it, but there is a time to relax and a time to invest. The days are 24 hours, and I want to take advantage of them all.”

“I guess you have already planned your exit strategy from the escort industry.”

“Yes, I know exactly when I will finish and what I will do next. I do not want to do this job for life, although I could continue to attend some selected clients over time. Being an escort is nice, but I don’t want to be for life “It will be a phase of my life, a pleasant, interesting period, but it will have an end, and I just want to make sure I have enough money to do what I want without worrying about having enough savings and what to do now.”

“Interesting, you could teach many escorts.”

“I would like to do it, but many girls are immature and don’t want to think about these things. So I decided to speak only to my friends, and we planned a series of investments. The money I don’t spend on shoes and clothes ends up in my investment fund.”

My interview with the beautiful hot and young Amsterdam escort Ivana is over. She is a girl who has already planned her future, a mind worthy of a Wall Street wizard. Ivana, please help me make investments.