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Donna Escort

Donna Escort Interview

During my last interview, the girl I interviewed said something that I found very interesting. She said that there are often days when the escorts are tired or don’t really want to have sex. In these days, it is absolutely necessary to be professional and find a way to have sex pleasantly, since the customer has paid a lot of money, and refusal could compromise any opportunity for future business. The girl said there are tricks to increase libido, and that one can always pretend to have orgasms.

I am very interested to know what escorts do when they don’t really want to have sex with clients, and I want to ask the girl I will interview today, a beautiful escort babe named Donna. Donna, a sexy girl, with a stunning body and the agency told me that it is not always easy to get a booking with her.

The girl agreed to speak with me, and we met in the lobby of the Sheraton hotel in Amsterdam for a chat.

Donna wears black high boots, slim-fit pants, a white jacket, and jewelry. I suspect that there is nothing underneath the jacket, neither a shirt nor a bra, and this idea is very exciting.

Many people observe Donna’s beauty, and I imagine that some men are thinking that I am her partner. A thought that enhances my self-esteem.

But I’m not here to feed my ego, I want to ask Donna questions, and this is the best time to ask them.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Donna, I’m happy to be able to talk to you.”

“My pleasure.”

“Introduce yourself to all our readers.”

“I’m Donna, and I’m glad my story is interesting to you. I’m 22 years old, and I’m a professional escort. I don’t want to offend your intelligence, thinking you don’t know what a professional escort does. The only thing you need to know is that everything the others do, I can do it much better. ”

“You are very sure of your skills.”

“You have to be; otherwise, it will be really impossible to be successful in this business.”

“I understand. I’m interested in talking to you about the mindset girls have when they have to work on bad days.”

“What do you mean by bad days?”

“Well, Donna, I’m referring to those days when you’re tired or don’t want to have sex. You’re not a machine, and I’m sure that sooner or later, you will have had similar days.

I want to know how you work these days. ”

“First of all, you said a very right thing. We escorts are not machines, and our body is subjected to considerable stress. And I don’t want to talk about the psychological stress of having sex with strangers constantly. I had sex with rude people and arrogant, and I hated every single moment, but from my expression, you would have deduced that I expected nothing more than to have sex with those men and that it was the most beautiful fuck of my life. ”

“So when you have no desire or interest in sex, you are acting?”

“Yes, we can use that word. But maybe it’s wrong. You are right to say that I act because I pretend to have emotions and feelings that are not real. But sex is true, and I always try to do it correctly. Anyway, since I always have a lot of customers and I am making money, I noticed that the agency is always more interested in collaborating with me, and I have decided to do things my way. ”

“Can you explain it? I don’t understand.”

“For a long time, I acted and had sex with people that didn’t interest me. Without the money, I would never have touched one of those men even during a very strong sexual abstinence. I can only really have sex with people who attract me from the physical or temperamental point of view. I can’t really know the character of my clients before meeting them, and therefore I rely heavily on the physical aspect and on my instinct. If I feel that something is wrong, then I refuse the booking. ”

“Can you refuse reservations? Really?”

“Of course, we are not slaves. If I don’t want to have sex, I’m not obliged. I do it for many things, like money, but I’m not so desperate to accept any booking without distinction.”

“But you don’t get paid.”

“Exactly, but money is not a problem for me right now. And in any case, it is sporadic that I refuse a booking. I think it has happened a couple of times in the last year.”

“For what reason?”

“A client absolutely could not stimulate me from a physical point of view. I don’t want to say that I just want bodybuilders or photo models. Some of my best clients are plump, and they are not really nice men, but they have something special that it attracts me. But this client had nothing special, he was anonymous and uninteresting, and I didn’t want to waste time with him. ”

“Was the agency angry?”

“Yes, they weren’t happy, but I’m not forced to have sex with everyone. These are my conditions, and they have accepted them.”

“And the other customer ‘?”

“Another girl warned me about this guy and called him a rude maniac. Again, I wasn’t interested in meeting him. I don’t want to sound snobbish, but life is too short to waste it with people who don’t care. My youth is even shorter, another good reason to have sex only with those I like. ”

“What if the customer pays a lot?”

“Well, in some cases, you can always make an exception. And besides, I’m good at acting.”

“I understand. Thanks for the chat, you gave me some interesting food for thought.”

“I’m happy for you if you want to talk to me again, you know where to find me.”


The interview is over.