Escort Interview Cadence

Cadence Escort

Cadence Escort Interview

When I read the stories of famous singers, sportsmen, and entrepreneurs, my favorite part of the biographies is the beginning. I really enjoy reading about these people who try to enter their sector and expand their business without having a clear guide. That is the moment when you experiment, fail, learn from mistakes, and look for ways to be truly unique and to stand out from the competition. For now, I have always interviewed escorts who have a great experience in the sector, while now I would like to interview a girl with little experience, to understand her strategies for becoming famous and getting more and more customers. I asked the agency to indicate the most suitable girl for this job, and they said that the beautiful escort girl Cadence was the ideal girl for my interview. Cadence is an adorable girl who has a beautiful body and an angelic face. This girl will be the agency’s next big escort, mark my words, but for now, she’s just a rookie trying to figure out how to climb the agency’s rankings and become number one. Cadence is the perfect girl for my interview.

Our meeting takes place at the “Vinkeles” restaurant in Amsterdam, where we decided to eat while we speak.

Cadence wears a beautiful red evening dress, with a large neckline that highlights her perfect breast. The make-up is elegant, the lips are red, and Cadence is a real Goddess.

Our interview can begin, I have many things I want to ask Cadence, and I don’t want to waste any more time.

“Hi Cadence, thank you for being here with me, I hope you can have a wonderful evening.”

“Thanks,you too.”

“Tell me about you.”

“My name is Cadence, I am 21 years old, and I have been working as an escort for seven months. I can say that I love my job and that everything is beautiful. The idea of ​​getting paid for having sex is fabulous, but the best thing is the life that I can live. I eat in expensive restaurants, I wear cute clothes, I can buy accessories, gadgets, expensive cars, without having to have any economic worries. All of this is absolutely fabulous, and I don’t regret my decision. ”

“Why did you become an escort?”

“I thought long and hard about the job I wanted to do and how I wanted to live my life. I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t limit my instincts and live the life that others had planned for me. My parents wanted me to become a dentist, but I didn’t want to. I thought that life is one and that it’s too short to waste time following the fate that another person wrote for you. I became an escort because I wanted to live this life, I didn’t want to remove caries from people’s mouths. ”

“I understand. You were right in your choice.”

“Absolutely yes. I had a lot of sex, made a lot of money, and had a lot of experiences that otherwise, I would never have been able to do.”

“I am very interested in understanding how you entered this business, and if you have any advice for aspiring escorts.”

“There are many tips, and I admit that I am still inexperienced in many situations. The experience comes from getting involved in things firsthand, making mistakes, being successful, and failing. I can only give you some simple advice. ”

“For example, what do you need to do to have the respect and help of veteran escorts?”

“Veteran escorts are often unhappy when the agency hires younger girls because they are a potential threat. Clients may prefer the novelty of the younger escort, and veterans may lose money. But many girls think adding new escorts can bring more customers, and therefore a likely new profit for them too. Anyway, the best thing to do is to show respect for the veterans, be humble, keep your mouth closed and your ears open. Some veterans take too many liberties with younger girls, and this behavior must be stopped as soon as possible. If you allow these women to disrespect them, they will always do it, and it will be worse for you. ”

“I understand. It looks like the attitude that needs to be kept in an office.”

“Exactly. It would help if you always remembered that those people are not friends, but work colleagues. Clearly, friendships can be born, and it is essential to have a feeling if you have to have lesbian sex, but true friendship is another thing These people could stab you in the back at any time for personal advantage, it is always better to never forget it. ”

“I understand. It is often not the ideal working environment. Do you have any other advice?”

“One of the veterans gave me invaluable advice: watch lots of porn.”

“For what reason?”

“Many men don’t have great experiences with girls, and most of their experiences come from porn movies. They want to live those experiences with a beautiful woman. That’s why seeing porn, understanding how the actress moves, the words that he says, gestures are all very important to make the client identify with sex, and I have to say that the advice works. Every day I watch some porn videos and try to learn new things. Also, porn has helped me to perform better some of our most extreme services. ”

“Do you have any other advice to give, especially regarding meeting customers?”

“You have to protect your health, so it is better to exaggerate with precautions. I always carry with me a disinfectant gel, wipes, handkerchiefs, lubricant, and a box of condoms. This is my work kit, and for now, she always has me helped to succeed. ”

“Thank you so much for your words, Cadence, and good luck with your work.”

“Thanks to you, and thanks also for dinner.”


The interview is over.