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Bevy Escort

Bevy Escort Interview

Never as in this historical moment has the need to protect oneself from viruses and diseases been felt. I have seen with my own eyes the crazy scenes of people storming supermarkets in search of food, water, and disinfectant as if a nuclear war was about to come. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always better to have more food, water, and medicine than necessary at home, but without losing control of the situation. One of the jobs that put people most at risk of infections, besides that of the doctor, is the job of an escort. These girls have sex with many different men, and therefore it is absolutely necessary to take every possible precautionary measure to protect the health of the girls in the best way. I want to talk about this topic with the escort babe Amsterdam that I have to interview today, a lovely girl named Bevy.

Bevy has a beautiful body, a gorgeous face, and I’m sure she’s fantastic in sex. The girl agreed to meet me, and our meeting takes place in the lobby of the Casa Amsterdam hotel.

Bevy today has a sporty look: sweatpants, white shoes, a black hooded sweatshirt, and a baseball cap. Even with this look, it is possible to see her perfect body.

I don’t want to waste any more time, the topic of the interview is very interesting, and I want to deepen it as much as possible.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Bevy, thanks for agreeing to talk to me. We can start with the interview. Tell me about you.”

“My name is Bevy, and I am a professional escort. I am 21 years old, and I have been working with this agency for exactly 1 year. I like my job, and I am always curious to meet new customers every day.”

“Have you always worked with an agency, or have you started working as an escort on your own?”

“Originally, I wanted to start without an agency, mainly to not lose a percentage of my earnings, but then I studied the situation better, and I understood that working together with an Amsterdam escort agency was the best solution.”

“For what reason?”

“Well, the agency has a very high marketing potential, able to reach many more customers than I could achieve alone. In addition, the agency staff manages all the bookings. It also takes care of filtering the customers who are immediately, but the most important thing is the protection from viruses and the care that the agency has of our health. We are their source of income, and they protect us in the best way. All these advantages are so effective as to be worth the loss of a small percentage of your income. ”

“You said that the agency protects your health. I really wanted to talk about this topic. Can you tell me what policy is being adopted by the agency?”

“First of all, the agency requires a blood test and a general medical check-up to all the girls who pass the casting. The medical checks are to make sure that every girl has no health problems. When we start working, we are continuously monitored by a doctor every 15 days, regardless of whether you had sex or not. ”

“Every 15 days? For what reason?”

“AIDS and other sexual diseases manifest after 15 days from the time it was contracted. By monitoring our health every 15 days, it is possible to monitor our health exactly in real-time and intervenes if we contract any sexual disease.”

“Have you ever contracted any sexual disease?”

“No, fortunately. I am very careful about protecting myself, and I have always been lucky in working with people who take care of their personal hygiene. Some of my friends have contracted some little diseases, but luckily the problem was solved thanks to our medical checks quickly. ”

“What kind of precautions do you take when having sex with a client?”

“It is not necessary to do science fiction things, the basic hygiene precautions are more than enough to protect yourself in the best way, along with common sense. For example, it is always better to carry hand sanitizer gel and use it before having sex with the client. I also bring with me an intimate detergent to wash my pussy carefully before sex and also wash the client’s cock with warm water and soap before having oral sex, especially on the rare occasions where I have oral sex without a condom. I always have a box of condoms with me that I can use with the client and take a shower when we are done having sex. ”

“These are all precautions that should always be put in place when having sex. Do you have other precautions?”

“Yes, on some occasions, the clients want to ejaculate on my body or on my face. I have no problem doing it, as long as I have a handkerchief next to me to be able to clean myself immediately. I don’t really like the feeling of hot semen on my face or on my skin, and it must be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent it from sticking. It is not dangerous from the point of view of sexually transmitted diseases, but I don’t like it. Some customers also would like to cum in my mouth, but I have never allowed it, regardless of the amount offered to me. I also had a fight with a client because he wanted me to put the sperm he had shot on my breast into my mouth. I didn’t want to do it because it could cause me problems, and I don’t like the taste of the sperm. The client complained to the agency about my behavior, but the staff said I did very well to follow their hygiene policy guidelines. ”

“You did the right thing, you were really very professional.”

“Thanks so much.”


The interview is over.