Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Suzanna

For now, all the girls I interviewed were born in Amsterdam, and it was normal for them to start their career in the escort business in Amsterdam. But I would like to know some girls who are not Dutch and who have decided to move to this city to start their business in the escort sector.
I want to know why they chose Amsterdam and how they manage to manage distance from their families.
The agency advised me to talk to Suzanna, an Italian girl who has been working in the industry for a few years and has become very popular with customers.
Suzanna is the perfect girl for me, and I can organize a meeting near the pornography museum.
A perfect setting for this interview.
Suzanna is dressed informally, sports shoes, jeans, and a hooded sweatshirt. Sunglasses and a hat on the head. An informal look but I can still see the shapes of the er ass through tight jeans, and I notice that some men look at it.
Suzanna looks amused by the looks of the men, and she flirts sensually.
Exciting, I have to admit that this girl knows how to get noticed.
“Hi Suzana, introduce yourself to all our readers.”
“Hi boys, my name is Suzana, and I am a 23-year-old escort. I have a lot of experience, and I am a romantic and very passionate lover.”
“You were not born in the Netherlands, but you chose Amsterdam as a place to work in your escort business. Tell me your story.”
“I’m not Dutch; I was born and raised in Italy.”
“Really? I visited Rome, a beautiful city.”
“Yes, my parents live in Rome, and I saw Amsterdam for the first time when I was 17, during a school trip. The city immediately impressed me, because it was very different from Rome. I loved canals; I loved coffee shops history, culture, and atmosphere of tolerance. I could do what I wanted, and no one judged me. In Amsterdam, I tried the weed for the first time and danced in the most famous clubs. At the end of the school trip, I didn’t want to back home, and during the summer I came back here with my best friend. I felt a special connection with this city, and I didn’t want to leave it. At that moment, a thought took shape in my mind: to live in Amsterdam. ”
“At that moment were you thinking of becoming an escort?”
“No, or at least it was not my priority. I wanted to live in Amsterdam, and after graduation, I looked for work here and found it in an ice cream parlor.”
“Great, and then what happened?”
“Well, reality struck me in the face. Amsterdam is beautiful, but to visit it as a tourist and live there forever are two different things, and I, in my naivety, thought it was simple: finding a job, living, having fun.
But I was alone, with no friends, and the money I earned in the ice cream parlor wasn’t enough to do everything I wanted. I ate frozen food and stayed home at night because I was too tired to go to the clubs, and I thought I had made a big mistake, but I was too proud to go home and admit I was wrong. ”
“So what did you do?”
“I tried to survive in some way, saving and working as much as possible. One day, during one of my rare walks, I arrived at the Red Light District and saw the girls in the windows. I thought about their work and noticed a massive influx of clients. And at that moment I understood everything. I am a beautiful girl, and I have no problems with taboos, I could make money with sex. I contacted agencies, I did casting, and here I am, Suzana, the escort. ”
“Do you earn a lot now?”
“I’m not complaining. I have a high income, and I can afford a luxury lifestyle, something that would have been impossible working in the ice cream parlor. I have a wardrobe with beautiful clothes, shoes, and bags, and in a few hours, I earn a lot of money. I am happy with my work. ”
“Do you love sex?”
“I have always loved sex. I lost my virginity at 15 years old and had sex regularly for a long time. In this work, you must like sex, regardless of who your partner is for the night.”
“I see. How did you tell your family about your job?”
“It wasn’t easy. My family doesn’t have the same mentality, especially with regards to sex. My mother cried and told me that if the problem was money, I could go home or ask them. My father was furious, and he said I was his biggest disappointment and never come home again. ”
“Are you sorry about this?”
“Of course, I love my family, and I can understand their point of view, but this is my life, and I can do what I want. I hope time can solve my situation, and my father can understand my point of view, but I think it’s impossible. We have the same attitude, we are stubborn and proud, and no one will ever take the first step towards reconciliation. ”
“I’m so sorry.”
“Me too, but this is my situation. For now, I will continue to be an escort. For me, time has not yet come to have a boyfriend or go home.”
“Will you return to live in Italy?”
“I don’t know. I have a degree, but I have no experience. I only know how to make love, and I will do it until someone wants to have sex with me.”

I greet the beautiful Suzana and her sad story. I sincerely hope that you will be able to reconcile with her father and live the life she desires.