Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Summer

The Amsterdam Hot Escort Agency is always looking for new girls, who know how to respond to daily and sexual challenges, who know how to make their own life a special story with a happy ending. That’s why we propose these castings. Why do we do this? Because we want girls’ lives to change as pleasantly as possible.
Depending on the talent you hide, we offer the opportunity to value that, you can start your own story and name it as you like: “beautiful escort life“, “nightlife ” or how to become like the famous Kinsey, without prejudice, where you can know your limits even your sexual abilities.
SUMMER is similar to Kinsey Wolanski, for a moment I thought I was seeing her, is one of those girls, with much courage, ambitious, a mood for fun, strongly motivated, stylish and very sexy, who managed to exceed any limit,
going over all the barriers, for example in Kinsey’s last case being the Champion League 🙂
This girl loves the sun, the warmth and the fun of the warm nights, that’s why she likes the name SUMMER, her blonde hair shines brighter in the sun’s rays, and her sturdy and big breasts look more beautiful in a sexy swimsuit.
Following the Summer casting, she was one of the most motivated girls, her motivation to live nicely, her courage and the freedom she breathes, it made me realize that my life was a little dull.
When I saw her at casting, she had the same provocative, seductive look with the same athletic body, big boobs, and naughty ass made me see Kinsey Wolanksi.
I later realized that it was not casting for her, just another opportunity to show how good and determined she is.
She knew exactly what we were looking for, and she gave us the secret “the key of success.”
Do things you haven’t done before” is the right motto for Summer, which helped her become rich and famous by the likeness of Kinsey Wolanksi, but also her strong character and the desire to live intensely.
What can be better to make money and doing what you like?