Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Summer

My interviews with escorts are allowing me to learn several interesting things, and looking at these girls from a different point of view. They are not only escorts, but they are girls, women who have made a choice and who want to make money. Each of them has a story, motivations, a past that interests me and that I want to investigate.


The next girl I have to interview is the beautiful Summer, a stunning blonde who is one of the girls with the best reviews from the agency.


Being able to reach this beautiful babe escort was not easy, but I managed to get a meeting near the Red Light District. I know I look repetitive, but these girls have a thousand tasks every day, so Summer has little time to answer my questions.


I must be controversial, without fear of offending and asking creative questions.


Summer is gorgeous, she has a date with a client soon, and that’s why she wears high heels, fishnet stockings, miniskirts, and a beautiful jacket. Yes, I would pay any amount for a night of sex with Summer, and I am tempted to ask for her rates and a special discount.


But now is not the time, I have to be professional and continue with the interview.


“Hello Summer, tell us about yourself, introduce yourself to our readers.”


“Hi everyone, my name is Summer, and I’ve been working as a professional escort for many years. My job is to have paid sex with men. It’s not the best from the point of view of morality, but I don’t care. I love my job, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. ”


“What attracts you to this work?”


“So many things. First of all, the possibility of having easy money making the thing I love most in the world. Then I like the idea of having sex with so many different men. For me, sex is a great game, and in this way, I have the chance to have sex with different people, and I had some beautiful surprises. ”


“What do you mean?”


“I had clients who looked like rather anonymous people, but then they were real stallions, with huge cocks. A wonderful surprise. You never know what can happen in bed, and the unpredictability, combined with the need to adapt and always know what to do to satisfy a customer, that’s what I need to have an extreme adrenaline rush, which for me is a drug. ”


“Are you a person who gets bored very easily?”


“Yes, as a child, I was hyperactive, I could not sit for more than five minutes. Growing up, I always hated being bored. I practiced different sports, and I skied for some winter. I wanted a constant adrenaline rush so as not to get bored. My biggest terror it’s about getting tired and not knowing what to do all day. Sex is the greatest source of adrenaline in the world, and I can make money doing it. From my point of view, there could be nothing better. ”


“What gives you the most adrenaline in sex?”


“Well, everything.” she says, laughing, “but if I have to be honest and uncensored, I always appreciate a lot the cumshots. I love the feeling of warmth on the skin and the expression of pleasure of the man. I noticed that boys like doing it, and I offer this service as extra. 90% of customers are always happy to do it and pay. I found a way to increase my profits with something I love. I could also teach economics and business. ”


“Do you earn a lot?”


“Yes, I am not a billionaire, but I have a nice monthly income. I can buy what I want and satisfy my every whim. I earn much more than a secretary, and as long as I earn these figures, I will continue to be an escort.”


“Do customers always ask for extra services?”


“Almost always. Some girls also consider kisses extra benefits, but I’m not that excessive. But if it comes to cumshot or anal sex, well, then yes, you have to pay a lot of money to do those things with my body. Everything has a price, and mine is very high. ”


“Do you want to experience something new in sex?”


“Yes, I am always very interested in experimenting with new things in every aspect of life. Anything, even the most beautiful in the world, becomes boring after some time, and for this reason, I am always looking for new adrenaline rushes. I never have “I tried to have sex with a girl. I have never had lesbian clients for now, and I would be interested in trying the experience at least once. I might like it, and I could become a bisexual escort.”


“Are there also these escorts?”


“Yes, of course, and they earn a lot of money because they have twice as many customers. And some men want to watch some hot lesbian action. Yes, I think I’ll try to become bisexual. I have to diversify my business.”


“Are there any other things you’ve never done in sex?”


“Yes, since I never tried to have sex with a woman, I never had sex with three, neither with two men nor another woman and a man. The opportunity never came, or I asked for a lot of money because one of the services required was the double penetration. If you want to fuck my ass, you have to be ready to pay so many pennies. I’m still curious to try, and I hope there will be an opportunity to do it. ”


The interview is now over. I greet Summer, an escort who has a clear understanding of her job business. A very interesting perspective, which I want to investigate in the next interviews.