Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Stacia

Amsterdam Escort

Given my limited experience with escorts, I always thought these girls’ customers were just men who wanted a one night stand, but I realized I was wrong. I discovered that many women hire escorts to experiment with lesbian experiences for the first time or to have regular sex. And some bisexual people hire these hot Amsterdam escorts for threesomes.
I want to explore this topic with my next guest, a beautiful and young Amsterdam escort named Stacia.
I spoke to the staff about the questions I had in mind, and they told me that Stacia is the perfect person to answer all my doubts about it.
I am therefore looking forward to talking with this girl, and I can have a meeting with her at the restaurant “Le Due Sicilie.” Again, time is short, because today is the day off at Stacia, and she said she wants to relax and agreed to the interview as long as it is short.
Again the questions must be uncensored.
Stacia is waiting for me, beautiful and very elegant. A yellow dress, wedges, hair gathered in a ponytail. Very beautiful.
“Hi Stacia, introduced to all readers.”
“Hi everybody, I’m Stacia, and I’m 23 years old. I’m an escort who has been doing this job for three years, and I have no problem having sex with women. I’m bisexual.”
“Why did you choose this job?”
“For two reasons. The first is the gain. In the sector, you can make more money than in porn, and I want to monetize as much as possible before retiring. And the second reason is fun. Sex, for me, is fun, especially when I experience new things. I made a promise to myself when I started: I will stop the day that all this will cease to be fun. But that day is still very far away, and I always enjoy it a lot. ”
“You said you are bisexual. When did you realize you loved men and women?”
“I always had boyfriends, at least until I started doing this job, so I always thought I was straight. But over time, I started looking at my best friend differently. One day, in the shower, I lost control and licked her nipples. That moment was incredibly exciting. She was embarrassed, and at that moment I knew I was bisexual, I loved cock and pussy. ”
“Did you have lesbian experiences after that moment?”
“Yes, of course. I am a girl who loves being penetrated, and if I am with a woman, there must always be a sex toy. I have alternated one-night lesbian experiences with relationships with men. I have always conceived love with a woman as a transgression, and my main passion is still the dick. ”
“Do you have many bisexual customers?”
“Some women contacted me to participate in threesomes, and in those circumstances, we kissed or licked each other’s pussy while the man penetrated one of the two. In many cases, they were women at their first experience in threesomes, and they lost control, kissing me. I also have lesbian clients who want to have sex with me, and men who want to be penetrated. ”
“Yes, maybe it is strange, but the stimulation of the prostate is very powerful for men. I have a strapon belt, and I enjoy penetrating men. But I appreciate more the use of the belt with women.”
“Have you ever had strange requests?”
“A lot, I could write a book about these requests. A man wanted to have BDSM sex with me, but I don’t like those things, and I refused. Another wanted to see me masturbate with the heel of my shoe. A girl wanted me to become her girlfriend for the day, and I satisfied her. Yes, that was a really fun experience, we kissed in public, and we created a scandal. ”
“Has anyone ever insulted you for being bisexual?”
“Yes, very many times. I received so many insults and some threats on my social profiles when I supported the rights of LGBT minorities. I blocked these people, and I believe that most of them are only repressed homosexuals. They are afraid of their emotions, and the only way to vent anger is to attack people who remind them of what they are. I’m sure these haters love to masturbate in front of lesbian movies or to look at photos of transsexuals. ”
“Are you saying that they don’t accept what they are?”
“Exactly. I accepted the fact of being bisexual, and I turned my sexual orientation into a source of income. I am entirely at peace with myself, and I am not afraid of being what I am. And people are afraid of this awareness of mine. ”
“What excites a man the most in threesomes?”
“A difficult question. In most cases, boys appreciate when the two girls suck dick simultaneously, and I like to create a kind of friendly challenge with the other woman to find out who sucks the best. If done right, a double blowjob is in able to excite anyone. ”
“Do you have a particular fantasy that you have not been able to realize?”
“Yes, I have a personal fantasy. Doing a double penetration during a threesome with a girl. A man and I with my strapon. I saw this scene in a porn movie, and it struck me. I want to do it, and I hope to do it sooner.”
“You have a great fantasy.”
“In sex, you must never be monotonous; otherwise, all the magic is destined to die. Knowing how to reinvent yourself is fundamental in any business, including that of sex.”

The imagination of Stacia struck me much. I envy this girl, who lives perfectly with her nature and has figured out how to monetize her to the fullest.
A real businesswoman.