Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Serena

I met Serena one year ago, in Magna Plaza.

I was accompanied by two colleagues from the agency we work for, AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT, and we walk through the shops to find a good relax. One of the girls wanted to try some intimate lingerie and we decided to enter the store to look. Obviously, there were many girls who looked very sexy and seductive, looking for the same things, is a very big store. As we look through the store, SERENA drew my attention, she was alone, she seemed concentrated and undecided about the color of the lingerie, to the dressing room, she wanted an opinion and a little help, being alone.

The blond hair, the blue eyes, and her white skin fit very well with a bright color, in my opinion, the red color would look perfect on her wonderful body, I couldn’t stop and I decided to give it my opinion about the color, having the necessary experience, working in an escort agency .

I apologize because I dared to offer my help, then I realized after we talked about more things and made jokes and laughed, that we had already made friends.

She told me she was buying her underwear for her job, working at “THE SEX PALACE PEEP SHOW” as a dancer.

I told her that I work for an escort agency with the best girls, and the demands of our clients are a lot and we are looking for girls who like to have fun, friendly, sex-appealing, educated and beautiful.

She smiled when she heard me and told me that she had previously worked as an escort in another country to AUSTRIA in a small town, then came to Amsterdam and a friend of her found this job to the SEX  CLUB as a “DIRTY DANCING”. She wasn’t very satisfied with the money she was making was at the limit, to pay her bills and to buy food and some clothes.

Seeing the girls with whom I was, with their arms full of provocative and expensive clothes, sexy lingerie of all colors, wondered how girls managed to be so happy. I replied that happiness comes when you do what you like and when you enjoy the results.

So I asked her if she wanted to come to our AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT agency for a period of probation, to see if she liked it and if she would be suitable for the escort job in a big city. My proposal delighted her, made her smile, and the next day she contacted us to come to the agency to know our girls and our rules.

The same day, the professional photo session took place, and at midnight she had her first job.

The customer had been very pleased with the services she provided, and she was very pleased with the new job.

Now she goes with the girls to the same store where we met and is very happy.

Agency AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT, are very happy and we want to work together for as long as possible. SERENA you are wonderful!