Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Michelle and Lisa

For now, I have always interviewed escorts who work alone, and only in some cases do they accept having threesomes. I have ever thought that this work is highly competitive, being based primarily on physical appearance. The young girl you welcome at the agency and to whom you teach all the secrets of the business, could soon become a competitor able to eliminate you forever from the business. For this reason, I don’t believe that any escort is happy to grow old and to see younger girls trying to take their place and their customers.
And perhaps in the sector, there are no real friendships, but only collaborations aimed at getting the most out of every experience.
But when the agency offered me to talk to Michelle and Lisa, two escorts working as a team, I was extremely intrigued. It was the first time I heard of an escort team working together, and I wanted to go deeper into this topic.
The meeting with Michelle and Lisa takes place at the tables of The Dolphins coffeeshop. Lisa is brunette, with a beautiful face, blonde Michelle with very long legs. I immediately sense their very high potential, these girls have written “money” in the face, and I am amazed not to have seen them in porn or in some model shoots.
I have to understand the nature of their collaboration, unleash some controversy, and discover their secrets. It won’t be easy, but I have to do it.
The two Amsterdam escorts greet me with a smile. Educated and exciting, a perfect mix.
“Hi girls, introduce yourself to our readers.”
Michelle: “Hi, boys, we are Michelle and Lisa, and we are two bisexual escorts who work in teams, but we are also available for individual meetings. We are the ultimate object of desire for men and women. Being bisexual is our great advantage.”
“How did you decide to work together?”
Lisa: “Well, it was the consequence of different situations that connected. Michelle and I worked as an escort, and we didn’t know each other. The girls who work in this business are so many, and it’s impossible to know all of them. Even today I don’t know all of them the escorts who work for the agency. ”
Michelle: “At one point, Lisa and I worked for the same agency, and the boss noticed that several wealthy customers were asking for two bisexual girls, and he wanted to fulfill this request. Lisa and I were becoming friends, and he saw we had a special feeling. ”
“What kind of feeling?”
Michelle: “The feeling of knowing that person for a long time, natural chemistry. Lisa and I became friends, and we experimented something together.”
Lisa: “In other words, we had sex with each other, and we really liked scissoring.”
Michelle: “Lisa is phenomenal. That was my first lesbian experience, and I felt comfortable from start to finish.”
Lisa: “I already had bisexual experiences in my life. I led Michelle during the whole experience, and it was great.”
Michelle: “We started a relationship. Escort with clients and lovers in private. The boss noticed this situation and proposed to work in a team for lesbian shows or threesomes. Some clients want to be watched while having sex, and a second girl is always useful in many situations. ”
“I guess. Working in a team was easy from the start?”
Lisa: “Well, actually not. Having sex between us is one thing, working as a team with a cock to share is a very different situation, and initially, we were never delighted with our performance.”
Michelle: “Because we weren’t really involved, and we didn’t really know how to mix our skills. Lisa is very good at using the tongue, I like sucking, each of us has things she loves and others she hates. The problem is was to understand how to use all our skills to succeed. The alchemy between two people working in a team is a delicate process to build. ”
Lisa: “Exactly. As already said, having sex between us was easy, but giving pleasure to a man is different. However, the challenge interested us, and we worked to create something unique.”
“How did you do?”
Michelle: “We saw a lot of threesome porn, we practiced with dildos and strapons, and then we tried to improve our skills by having lots of sex.”
“In this job, it is difficult to find girls working in teams. What is your secret?”
Lisa: “The first thing to say is that we are friends and lovers, and we have set our collaboration as a business. Our success depends on the collaboration of both, the more sex we make, and the more customers we satisfy, the greater our profit.”
“Aren’t you afraid of arguing?”
Michelle: “No, and in case of quarrel, each of us would go back to running her own business.”
Lisa: “Exactly. An argument can compromise our business, and we know that by working alone, we will never make the same money. We always try to cooperate, even if on some occasions it is not easy.”
Michelle: “There are occasions where the customer asks for very particular things that we don’t appreciate, or in some days we don’t really want to have sex. Anyway, we are professionals, and we always try to give the customer the service for which he paid.”
“Finally, what advice would you give to girls who want to be escort girls?”
Michelle: “Don’t think it’s a business, but a game.”
Lisa: “Always keep control of the situation.”

Lisa and Michelle greet me, kissing romantically and full of passion. I don’t hide my erection, and they smile.
A perfect team for a night of transgression.