Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Leyla

For some interviews, you need to read the qualities and other interviews show you how good a person is for a job! In such an interview LEYLA appeared in our escort agency! I still remember the craziest and erotic party with beach foam!

It was a wonderful Saturday and I had planned a day of relaxation and fun, nor did I feel when everything became the most intense and passionate interview! I was having fun and enjoying the hot atmosphere around when I saw a blond woman with a body of goddesses and a seductive smile! She drew my attention because she stared at me and smiled very securely on her, then approached me and she asks me if I knew who she was! She told me her name is LEYLA and she knows who I am and wants to become a top escort in our agency and that she can prove to me that she is best to play with her body and seduce any man!

She offered me a challenging interview right there, she said I will choose any man at the party and she would seduce him in front of me in the most passionate way! I really enjoyed the idea of ​​a provocative and exciting interview, now I just had to choose a man to be seduced so that everything could be exciting! Of all the men present at the party, I caught only one man my attention, looked very good and was a little arrogant, which made the challenge more exciting!

LEYLA smiled like a top escort when she saw that the challenge was as great as her beauty, and the foam party offered the perfect scenery for a seduction game! She was wearing a very sexy swimsuit that fits perfectly with her tan body, with lascive movements took a strawberry over the fruit plate and played with her on her seductive lips!

LEYLA began seductively dancing in the foam fountain, wet and radiant, and the foam shone on her body! She was saying exactly what she wanted through the body language, and her eyes stared at the man she was supposed to seduce, with a hot smile biting steamingly stealthily
who moves his body of a goddess! She played with foam, touched and danced exactly like a top escort, Amsterdam had become a passionate paradise! In less than 10 minutes, the man LEYLA had to seduce was near her trying to approach her, felt like a magnet and could not resist!

They started dancing both in the foam, and the seduction game was completed with a very passionate kiss that made him want more and more from LEYLA, who had shown me that he had to become an escort in our agency! I watched with fascination the seductive game LEYLA  was doing to show me she could become the agency’s best escort and her beauty and sexy body filled her seductive qualities!

LEYLA came to me seductively smiling and wondered if I liked how he had done the challenge, I responded with a smile and told her I was expecting her at the escort agency in Amsterdam tomorrow! It’s been 7 months since Leyla became an escort in our agency and it’s one of the best! Life is an interview and a challenge and most of the time it becomes memorable memories!