Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Leona

New Yorker Leona – who prefers not to reveal her real name – contacted me one year ago showing her interest in collaboration within our ESCORT AGENCY. She has just arrived in Europe, and she was living at that moment at the IBIS SCHIPHOL AMSTERDAM AIRPORT HOTEL. We agreed to meet in AMSTERDAM-CENTRUM, at the HUMPHREY’S RESTAURANT.

Once we met, I felt like we always knew each other. Was one of the longest and enjoyable interviews I have ever attended.

She started telling me that she had a lavish lifestyle back in the USA, funded by wealthy men and she couldn’t conceive the idea of settling down. She is a DUTCH citizen, too. Her family lives in the AMSTELVEEN, and now they were old and sick, that’s why now she has retired’ from her lucrative career in NEW YORK and returned to NL.

Leona said that she feels she was destined for the profession.

I’d always been fascinated by the world of ESCORTS; it’s like it was a calling for me.

She worked her way through university in the USA as an office temp, but says she hated the corporate companies world’.

After a short time working as a dancer, she decided it was time for a change in job, but not in the industry.

I acted on my feelings and became an ESCORT girl in AMERICA.

She started out working in a luxurious ESCORT AGENCY where, she said, I worked for a very good heart lady, and she learned me a lot.

After the ESCORT AGENCY was shut down, Leona rented her apartment, advertised her services in ESCORT SERVICES WEBSITES, and began her career as a high-class escort.

She even hired a bodyguard, but she insists that despite her caution, she has never had a wrong experience and that she enjoyed every minute of her newfound career path, adding: I immediately loved it, so I was just paid to do what I liked, I think it’s one of the most important things when you choose your job.

And while some girls might refrain from meeting with men 50 years, some of Leona’s clients were in their 70’s and she insists she isn’t a problem for her.

I feel a healer or an entertainer, and we should be compensated for that. You are caring for someone, just like a doctor.

Good looking is not a factor… to be a gentleman is most important.

So, if you are a gentleman you need Leona, and she needs you!

Leona, the beautiful escort who was always divinized by all men and jetted all around the world for free has turned her experiences into an asset to AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT, herself and our clients.