Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Lea

I interviewed LEA on a sunny morning in the spring. LEA is a beautiful woman and a HOT ESCORT GIRL with a calculating stare, but with an innocent personality. She was new in Amsterdam and she was living at that time at DE L’ EUROPE AMSTERDAM HOTEL. At this meeting, she shared many insights into her history and her experiences as an escort.

When I’m doing the interviews I tend to encourage girls to tell me about their lives, but anyway, most feel the need to talk to someone about their problems, and they always say they feel relieved after that, like this time when was no need to open the discussion because LEA opened by itself. Her background is quite dark. A safe and happy childhood avoided LEA, who tried to escape her poor family condition, fleeing from her home from ALBANIA since she had only 18 years old. Things didn’t get any easier, though, from the time she was 18 years, well into her 21’s, she managed to date only assholes, guys who hit her scammed her, abused her, and robbed her.


In a darkly ironic twist, took the burden of this pain and manipulated her way into the hearts and wallets of other men later on, fact that she is not proud. She took up EROTIC dancing, and after a few times of being asked to go out for more money, she ended up as an escort. The first time she’d been asked by a regular client to join him for a weekend trip to ROTTERDAM and to invite along some additional girl guests to be his traveling companions. She said at the time, it didn’t feel surprising, these asks were just natural progressions of what she was already doing. Plus, they were opportunities to make more money and she took it. They went to TRANSPORT CLUB and said she got a lot of fun.


LEA had a lot of stories about having an enjoyable time with clients in clubs, restaurants, exotic location, etc. She continues saying she heard a lot of stories about Amsterdam nightlife and actually asked me to recommend her some nice places in Amsterdam, I told her that she really need to visit: RIJKSMUSEUM, ANNE FRANK HUIS, and BITTERZOET to have fun in the biggest club, my favorite.

She was happy taking the power in a working relationship. She continues to tell me that these relationships have also become a good deal besides all the fun she got. I personally saw that she is a good business girl too, in action while negotiating the contract AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT agency.

But she was a reasonable bargainer and was completely frank about what she needed financially and professionally.


She is one of our best girls for the last 2 yrs. and the result is more than pleasant for everybody, Amsterdam Hot Escort, LEA and above all, for our customers.