Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Jenny

Jenny girl escort

Every day we make plans, which after the day of work we try to implement them! It was summer, everything around was wonderful, warm and everything was shining!  My plans for those days were focused on working and preparing the wedding for my best friend VERA, including the bachelor party!

We wanted to do something special with many surprises, one of the surprises was the command of a huge cake out of which a playboy girl and a playboy man for an erotic show!

The bachelor’s evening came and everything was ready for the smallest detail!

Everything was ready for a very beautiful evening and I did not expect the fun to be combined with the work and to have a different interview! Even when we do not expect things to go out better than planned!

The party started and the huge cake was in the middle of the room, everyone was waiting for the surprise inside him! Started the music for a hot stripper and from the cake came out 2 playboy boy and girl, the girl was sexy, challenging and seductive bunny! She drew attention to how she got out of the cake, she was a beautiful like escort Amsterdam woman who knew how to surprise!

The name of the Playboy bunny was Jenny, and dance was one of her talents, her body erupting in erotic movements, and the cream of her body looked delicious! Jenny looks like a top escort and I want her in my escort team in Amsterdam!

She started dancing like a sex game and playing with cake pieces, making shows and having to fun everybody at the party!

After the cake surprise, Jenny and her Playboy partner stayed at the party, so we could talk a lot more with her, a conversation that became an interview without realizing it!

She told me about her life, what she had done before and what she wanted for the future!

She starts work as an erotic dancer and she has one experience in this job from 3 years, she wanted to move forward and make money from her work to travel, to see the world!

I told her about escort life, what she involved and I asked her if she would attract an erotic, seductive world and if she wanted to become a top escort in AMSTERDAM!

She told me that life is a long line of challenges and that she (whatever she does) wants to be the best in any field: erotic dancer or top escort!

She accepted a new start in sexy escort life in Amsterdam! Jenny confessed that she feel attract more mature men and young virgins, she wants to be the first erotic memory of the sexual experience in a man’s life but also the last passionate sexual memory! Jenny is already a top escort in the Amsterdam agency and is the same as on the first day, energetic and cheerful!

It’s strange how a simple party can relax at the same time but bring you a plus of the escort team, JENNY is exactly what the spice agency needed!