Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Jeanette

I am always very curious to discover the past of the hot Amsterdam escorts that I am going to interview. I want to know the reasons that led them to make that life, the reasons and their plans for the future, and when the agency contacted me to interview the hot Amsterdam escort, Jeanette, I immediately accepted, especially after finding out that she was a pornstar for some time.
I was curious to understand what happens in the backstage of a porn movie and to understand well the reasons that led a porn star to leave that business and start a new career in the escort industry.
For this reason, I was thrilled when Jeanette agreed to interview me at The Dolphins coffeeshop. It was a friendly place, and Jeanette was wearing a miniskirt, sports shoes, and a tank top.
Despite this, she was truly stunning. The agency told me that Jeanette has an average of ten clients a week, and I must say that I fully understand the reasons, even though it is certainly a very intense schedule. Jeanette has to work tonight too, so I decide to ask very few questions, but I hope they are exciting and controversial.
“Hi Jeanette, thank you for your time. Please tell us about yourself, introduce yourself to our readers.”
“My stage name is Jeanette, and I am a professional escort. I have always worked in the sector since I was a porn star, and I only decided to continue working in another sector, but always in the sex market.”
“Can you talk about your career as a porn star?”
“Yes, certainly. It wasn’t a spectacular career, but I managed to earn some money and participated in numerous films. Then I changed my career and became an escort.”
“Were you a famous porn star? I must confess that I have not seen your movies.”
“I wasn’t very famous, but I wasn’t even a newbie. I had different art names, and maybe some videos were uploaded on YouPorn. I started to be posted in many movies, and my connections began to work. If I wanted I could have a good career in porn, but I decided differently. ”
“Because I noticed that the porn business wasn’t so interesting, it was boring, and my body was starting to feel the fatigue. Have you ever seen a porn movie? Many positions are unnatural and cause pain, and I was sick of having anal sex, and anal sex is crucial in any porn movie. The Internet and pirated sites damage business, and I didn’t want to spend too much time and invest money and resources in something that I couldn’t monetize to the fullest. , and I could always make money with my body. I had two options: model or escort, and I chose the escort. ”
“For what reason?”
“The reason is always the same: money. Every action in my life revolves around money. I am not greedy, but I am a realist, and money is the only possible way to have a better experience, a beautiful house, beautiful cars, and gorgeous dresses. Sex is the only thing I can do, so I chose the best way to make money this way. ”
“How did you start doing this job?”
“Initially, I was thinking of working on my own, and I rented a small apartment in Amsterdam, and I made an announcement on the dating portals. Initially, I worked a lot and managed to make money, but I didn’t like many clients. I had to have sex with older people or with absent hygiene, often rude and arrogant, who wanted to do anal sex at all costs. I didn’t like it, and in some situations, I was scared for my life. ”
“Really? What happened?”
“A client wanted things from me that I was not interested in doing. I tried to make him understand that I was not a doll at his disposal, and I told him,” Take it or leave it. “This guy started getting angry more and more and grabbed me by the neck, saying that I had to obey his orders. I screamed, and the neighbor heard everything and threatened to call the police. The guy calmed down and left. From that moment, I decided to become an escort and work with an agency that would filter customer requests, and this is the best in this service. ”
“I’m sorry for your experience. Was it the first time that such a thing happened?”
“Yes, but I also had other unpleasant experiences. I found some kids who thought they were smart and wanted to do so much by paying very little, or who tried to make a cumshot in the face without having paid it. And what about those who insisted on doing anal at any cost? Annoying and rude. In a couple of cases, they paid me with fake money. ”
“Incredible. I didn’t think there were these problems.”
“Neither do I., But I had to learn to live with these things to make money. However, after the client who physically threatened me, I realized that I could not continue doing this job.”
“I see.”
“The agency is professional and does an excellent job of filtering out the most absurd customers. I’m not saying that I only have polite customers, but I haven’t met violent people anymore.”
“What advice would you give to a girl who wants to make money with sex?”
“Forget porn, unless you want to dedicate your whole life or make money for a very short period. That job is exhausting for the body and the mind. You can make the camgirl at home and still earn good money, or enter one of the agencies. In this case, you have to prove that you have something special because the competition is very high. But please, don’t do porn. ”
“Thank you so much for your words.”

Here is Jeanette’s experience. Porn is no longer a profitable business. The future is the hot Amsterdam escort.