Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Holly

I love my job too much, that’s what my friends tell me, and honestly, I can’t contradict them.

The stories of an ESCORT girl always fascinate me, because they are special and interesting, as well.

I was invited to a private party, at THE TAILOR PUBS, it was the birthday of a good friend. His girlfriend wanted to make a surprise and called for him a strip-tease girl for an erotic show. That’s how I meet HOLLY, a beautiful brunette girl, with long and sexy legs. When she started to dance, all my friends were stuck, because of her hot and naughty moves. Holly made us look at her, like an erotic movie, the way she danced and caressed her breasts, slowly and sensually, she left us speechless.

I’ve been waiting to finish her show number, to find the right moment to talk with her, I wanted to know if she’s available for another party next week. A loyal customer asked me if I can arrange a surprise party with three sexy girls, for his friend who was going to get married.

So, I went to talk with her about it; she agreed my proposal, then we set up a meeting at our agency AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT, for the next day.

She came in the morning, as we planned with a day before, and we had the time to talk about many things. Once we’ve set all the details of the party, we started talking about us.

But because of my experience in this industry, I started first to ask her things about her life.

She told me before she became a dancer, she worked in Londra at “ PHONE SEX LINE” for much money, because she was passed through heavier moments.

She told me about how learned to simulate the sound of a wet pussy (lotion in a fist), or how to convincingly describe a GANGBANG, with a guy who yelled over the phone, that he was going to murder her before he fucks her.

Being a sex worker put her in touch with such a wide range of human circumstance than anything else had up until that point.

After many other erotic experiences, at the erotic line company, she wants to try a fresh start, because this job had become boring for her. Then decided to come to Amsterdam, read on the internet, that here is the city of sex and can find more fun and much money.

Shortly after, she came to Amsterdam, some friend helps her and live together in an apartment in ZAANDAM, near Amsterdam.

After she told me about her experiences of her life, I told her some things about my job also, in the agency AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT, she said, “ I heard good things about our agency”.

I thanked her, then I suggested if she wants to work with us as an escort, not only to the party.

In the present, HOLLY is one of the BEST TOP ESCORT GIRLS.