Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Evie

That morning seemed like every other one before. I was preparing for me to go to the Amsterdam Hot Escort office. Some monotony had already been settled, but on that day I had something else to do, and I didn’t like it at all.

A night before, there was a small conflict between two of the agency escorts. Although it is quite common for a large agency to have controversial discussions between the girls, these conflicts should not be encouraged. When this happens, conflicts need to be discussed so that they can be solved and avoided in the future.

After all the girls arrived, we open it up. The two girls involved, even may seem strange, were very good friends. We realize that the argument between them had started from something rather banal, more precisely, they had argued because of some accessories borrowed between them. I was glad that their problem was not serious and I decided to invite them to the  Restaurant Old Bridge to get the breakfast together, in the Amsterdam center, hoping to solve the case and after everything will go back to normal. We continued the discussion started at the ESCORT Agency and, thanks to the more lovely atmosphere, everything was clarified.

While we were eating, one of the girl’s phone rang was her little sister EVIE. I saw her several times at the agency. It was no way of no notice her; all the other girls were looking at her and her enviable forms. Evie came to visit her sister very rarely because she lived at a considerable distance from AMSTERDAM, more precisely in the town of DEN HELDER, in the south of The Netherlands. She was on the train, within few stations far from Amsterdam Centrum. It seemed to be some trouble.

As she spoke on the phone, Dona wondered if EVIE could join us. I didn’t mind; I want to know her better. I was intrigued by the stories of the agency’s girls, they admired her a lot, and I was frustrated that didn’t have the opportunity to meet her personally.

Shortly, while we enjoyed the dessert, EVIE shows up. The stories were confirmed, very beautiful woman with big and sturdy breasts, naughty ass, stylish, with a speech shy and seductive at the same time. The dessert had suddenly become sweeter. 🙂

EVIE lost her job at ESCORT DEN HELDER, in that time of the year was not too many wealthy Offshore Oil & Gas guys around the city. I felt bad about her, and I decided to break into their conversation even seems to be private. But being at the same table, I thought she would not mind if I asked her a few questions.

That’s when we started the EVIE interview. I found out that she worked as a top escort in DUBAI before and it did not take long to persuade me to propose her to work with us at the AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT agency. It was practically the easiest interview in my life, EVIE already knew everything about, escorts life: the responsibilities and dedication of an escort. I’m pretty sure that all the stories that her sister told her about the Amsterdam Hot Escort plus that occasion to live together with her weighed a lot in EVIE’s decision.

Her answer came quickly, and four days after the meeting, she entered the office of the agency, but this time as an employee, not as a visitor.

And now she is just as happy as we are, very happy to take care of our clients.