Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Ciara

The agency staff informed me that the next interview would be extraordinary, because Ciara is a girl who has a “turbulent” past, and her story deserves to be told.
I was intrigued by these premises, and I immediately contacted the beautiful Amsterdam chick escort Ciara to organize a meeting, and she was very kind in accepting my request to tell her story.
Ciara and I meet in Dam Square and take a walk while Ciara tells me her story. The day is very hot, and Ciara wears a miniskirt, tank top, and sandals. Her body is beautiful, and Ciara attracts men’s attention as we walk through the streets of Amsterdam.
I look forward to hearing about Ciara’s story and immediately start asking the questions.
“Hi Ciara, introduce yourself to all our readers.”
“My name is Ciara, I am an Amsterdam professional escort, and I am 23 years old. My job is to make people happy through sex. We escort sell emotions and entertain using our bodies.”
“The staff said you have an interesting story to tell. Do you want to share it with us?”
“Yes, sharing this story is the best way to defeat old demons. I had a tough childhood, and this thing profoundly marked me.”
“What kind of problems did you have?”
“I never knew my father. My mother was a teenager when I was born, and she never told me about him. My mother’s friends said to me that mum didn’t have a boyfriend and that I could be born of a one night stand My mother was an apprehensive and perhaps even suffocating mother, I was all her world, and she was afraid that something terrible might happen to me. I can understand her point of view, but I was not free to do anything, because mom feared provided that some misfortune could happen. ”
“Well, it wasn’t easy at all to make friends with other girls, was it?”
“Yes, I didn’t have any real friends in my childhood. The other girls were not interested in me, and I couldn’t get their attention. Besides, my mom prevented me from doing sport or any activity with the least risk because she had afraid something might happen. ”
“How did you solve that situation?”
“Over time, I managed to gain my autonomy, also thanks to the help of my grandmother. Finally, I could jog or go to the pool, and while I was swimming, I met my best friend. For the first time, I was happy. Then but my mother found a partner, a guy she had met at work, and that man was more interested in me than my mother. ”
“Did he molest you?”
“No, he never did it, but I could see that he was strangely looking at me, especially the summer when I was in a bikini. My mother’s partner drank a lot and was not able to keep his job for a long time, and he and mum often quarreled, finally my mom break with him, but I will never forget the image of my mum crying with a face full of mascara, an image that is etched in my mind and made me promise myself never to be dominated by any man. ”
“Why did you choose to become an escort?”
“I am not a good student, and I have not finished school. I have no particular qualifications for a job that guarantees a good salary, so I didn’t have many prospects in the labor market. I noticed that men looked very closely at my body and “My best friend advised me to try to monetize with erotic photographs. I signed up for an online marketplace and worked as a model. A client paid me to take some naked pictures wrapped in a towel and then paid me triple for having some nude images. ”
“Did you accept?”
“Hell no! My nude photos on the web? No way. I accepted the erotic pictures because you couldn’t see the private parts, but I didn’t want to take the naked pictures. But three times my salary was a lot of money, so I decided to photograph myself with the face covered. The client was happy and advised me to work as an escort because I had a beautiful body. I thought about the power I could have on men and the fact that I had no other alternative, and I decided to try.
“At that point, what did you do?”
“I contacted the agency through the casting page, I passed the selection, and here I am, Ciara, hot Amsterdam escort.”
“What do you like about this job?”
“So many things. I love the possibility of having total control over men because it’s an act of revenge against people like my mother’s and my father’s former partner. People who didn’t know how to respect women. I also love the chance to make money I am an Amsterdam escort who always wants to be in control of the situation, I never accept to have sex in positions where I have no control, maybe it’s monotonous for some clients, but I don’t want a man to have power over me “If you want to have sex with me, you must accept my conditions.”
“Are your conditions successful?”
“Yes, customers agree to give me total control, and no one has ever complained. I can say that sex is my revenge against so many difficulties in life.”
“Do you plan to have a family?”
“I don’t know. For the moment I’m not interested, and I don’t want to have any partners. My job is particular, and it doesn’t allow me to have a family; moreover, I still don’t trust men, for me, they are just a source of income. I can change my mind, but at the moment I’m not interested at all. ”
Yes, Ciara’s story is exciting. I hope she can find the serenity she is looking for and continue to have control over her life.