Escort Interview Alissia

Alissia Escort

Alissia Escort Interview

During my interviews with the escorts, I could not help but notice their perfect bodies, and I would like to know how they manage all their bookings and the physical effort necessary to keep their perfect bodies. I know that genetics is essential to having a beautiful body, but finding the time and motivation to always go to the gym is not easy. I am an expert at starting to go to the gym, losing interest after a week, and canceling my subscription, for example. Obviously, these Amsterdam escort babes are more constant than me.

Today I have to interview the beautiful Alissia, a 24-year-old girl with a perfect physique. I couldn’t even find a defect in her legs or her tits.

Alissia is happy to talk to me, and our meeting takes place in Dam square. Alissia loves walking, and therefore, this is the opportunity to have a City Tour with this beautiful escort.

Alissia wears a blue T-shirt, jeans and sports shoes, an ideal look for those who want to walk and jeans highlight her legs and ass.

The interview can begin, I have many questions for Alissia.

“Hi Alissia, thank you for being here with me.”

“Thanks to you for agreeing to walk with me. I hope to tell you something interesting.”

“Greet the readers and introduce yourself.”

“Hi, I am Alissia, I am 24 years old and I am a professional escort. I love sex, live strong emotions, and have fun. And also make money, of course. This job allows me to do what I like, and I am really happy. I hope to have many customers for a long time. ”

“You have a perfect body, and I congratulate you. You are the most beautiful body escort I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks so much.”

“Do you have a training routine to have this body? Do you have a diet, or is it just genetics?”

“Well, it’s a mix of the three things. In the family we are all thin, we can eat what we want, and we get very little weight. But this is not enough to have the body of a professional escort, and therefore I train every day and follow one extremely strict diet created by a professional nutritionist. ”

“Tell me about your workouts.”

“My workouts are not designed to increase my muscles but to have a toned and slender body. I dedicate a lot of time to cardio training, running at the gym at least two hours on the treadmill, and running through the streets of Amsterdam when I have I personally prefer running on the roads because there is always something to see. I get bored quickly if I run in the gym and to listen to music. In addition to cardio training, I train with light weights, and I attend a Pilates course. I train every day if possible, with DDP Yoga and other forms of yoga. ”

“I’ve never done yoga in my life.”

“You should do it, yoga is phenomenal to relax the body and give elasticity to the muscles. It is also very relaxing for the mind. My anti-stress method is half an hour a day of yoga. I train in my living room and try to do it all days if I have time. ”

“What do you do if you miss a workout for reasons of time?”

“I train twice the next time.”

“Do you train alone or with a partner or personal trainer?”

“I like to train alone, without friends or training partners. I hired a personal trainer to help me with my training, and he is also a client of mine when I work as an escort, and in this way, he can see my progress.”

“Very interesting. Do you go to a gym?”

“No, I go to my personal trainer’s studio. I book training sessions alone in his gym, and in this way, he can monitor my workouts better.”

“You said you were on a diet. Please tell me more.”

“My diet was studied by a professional nutritionist after examining me. The menu is intended to help me not to gain weight and to give my body all the nutrients necessary for its well-being. I have to drink a lot of water to stay always hydrated, and I try to eat as little meat as possible. Obviously, I avoid McDonald’s and fast food in general, fried food, and desserts. I can only eat them one day a week. ”

“Is respecting this diet and offering Dinner Date to customers difficult?”

“Yes, it is not easy, because restaurants often don’t have the food I have to eat that day. I solved the problem by giving a list of my favorite restaurants to the staff. Anyway, I try to do more gymnastics if I know I go to a restaurant that does not offer the food I have to eat. I often think I am too extreme in my diet, but then I look naked, and I am satisfied with what I see, and this is the important thing. ”

“Have you planned your future? Will you continue to work as an escort for a long time?”

“I will certainly continue to work in the sector for a few more years, at least for another five or six years. In the meantime, I am studying to become a personal trainer and nutritionist. They are two of my great passions, and I want them to be part of my life when I change my career.”

“Is studying and working together difficult?”

“Yes, it is not easy, but if you are determined to do something, then you can do it. Training every day is also extremely difficult, but I can do it, and I am proud of my discipline.”

“I wish you good luck.”

“You too, and thanks for walking with me.”

The interview is over.