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Alice Escort Amsterdam

Alice escort interview

The girls I interviewed in the last articles were all very young escorts, who, however, had very interesting stories to tell. But now I would like to interview a slightly older escort, to understand if the coming of age has given her a different perspective on the future, or simply to know another story.

I spoke to the agency about my request, and their suggestion was to talk with the beautiful Alice, a 26-year-old escort. Alice immediately agreed to talk with me, and we organized a meeting in the Smokey coffeeshop.

Alice wears a yellow and red striped sweater, jeans, and white Nike shoes. A sporty look that highlights her beautiful body. Alice loves to be seen.

We can start the interview.

“Hi Alice, thank you for being here with me.”

“Thanks to you for the interview. This is the first time someone wants to hear my story, I’m happy.”

“All right, start by talking about yourself.”

“I am Alice, and I am 26 years old. I have been working as a professional escort since I was 21 years old, and I am one of the agency’s veterans. I have many clients, I can say I have done everything, seen everything, and experienced many things. This job is always unpredictable, and I like to think that I can still do things I have never done. I am creative, and I still have so many games in mind that I can do with my clients. ”

“Why did you choose to become an escort?”

“To make a dream come true, a dream that I swore to achieve at any cost.”

“What a dream?”

“Building the house of my dreams. When I was a child, I was born and raised in a condominium in a popular neighborhood. A very little garden, very little sky because the buildings were all very close to each other, crime. I spent a lot of time with drug dealers and hooligans, who were my playmates, but I dreamed of leaving that place, which offered no chance of success. The best thing you could do was find a reasonably honest job, and try to do everything possible to keep it as good as possible. I dreamed of having a good job, money, and living in a beautiful house. ”

“What was your ideal home?”

“I have always dreamed of living in an independent house, with a large garden and a swimming pool. The house must be large, with many rooms, a large bedroom, a professional kitchen and many rooms for my clothes and for my shoes. I knew it was impossible for me to live in that house, but dreaming of living there one day gave me the energy to survive in my neighborhood during my teenage years. When I was 20 and worked as a bartender, I talked to some men who told me they were escort selectors. They noticed my beauty, and they offered me to work as a professional escort. When we talked about money, they got my attention, and my old dream of living in that house came back alive. ”

“Did you become an escort to make this dream come true?”

“Yes, also for this dream. I promised my family that I would have let her out of that apartment building, sooner or later. They were not happy with my choice, but they didn’t hinder me. I became a part-time escort because I never wanted to quit my job as a bartender until recently. Every client who paid me and had sex with me allowed me to get closer to my goal, to create the house of my dreams. ”

“Are you close to realizing my dream?”

“I don’t have the money to build the house from the foundations, but I can find something similar and do the renovations necessary to transform it into the villa of my dreams. But I also want to have savings in the bank for my future, I can’t spend everything for the renovations. I know that I can’t do my escort job forever, and I decided to monetize as long as I have so many requests. ”

“So, have you already planned your future?”

“I want the house of my dreams, and then try to always have money in the bank for any emergency. I have not yet thought about what to do when I stop being an escort, but I can go back to being a bartender, or try to make some business ideas, But my confidence is based on how much money I will be able to earn in the near future. This is why I am determined to monetize to the maximum in this period. I am very optimistic about my future. ”

“You have excellent plans. You talked about business ideas, what kind of ideas?”

“I like designing clothes, and I have imagined creating sensual lingerie that many women may like. I have done research on it, and it is not too expensive to try to produce underwear. Or I could try to become an online influencer. The options are exciting, I just have to decide what to do, but right now I’m only interested in being an escort. ”

“Do you think you can work as an escort for a long time?”

“I am 26 years old, I am young, but there is competition from 21-year-old girls. I can still have many customers up to 30 years old, and maybe even later. I do not have an expiration date, and I certainly have loyal customers who appreciate my company. I think I have at least four more years of career as an escort. ”

“Very well, I hope you can make all your dreams come true, Alice.”

“Thanks, good luck to you too.”

The interview is over.