Escort Agency Employee

Escort Agency Employee

Who Is?

The Escort Agency Employee is a girl who works in the prostitution sector and collaborates with professional escort agencies. These agencies are highly developed all over the world, particularly in countries where prostitution is legal or tolerated (Amsterdam and Prague, for example). The agencies take care of connecting the girls and the customers, acting as a link. Once the agency and the client have reached an agreement on the services to be performed and the money, the girl will meet the client and have sex with him.


How can you work as an Escort Agency Employee?

The escort agencies are always looking for new girls to be included in their escort directories, and for this reason, they always read very carefully all the applications that the girls can send to the “Casting” page of their sites (or by contacting them at their official emails ).

If you want to get in touch with these agencies, it is, therefore, necessary to prepare a presentation email, describing who you are, your talents in sex, and why you want to work in this sector by affiliating with a professional escort agency. Also, prepare professional photos of your body. It is not necessary to take excessively pornographic images, it will only be required to show your body.

Photos are very important to attract the attention of the agency’s recruiters (who look at all the emails, but who must be impressed in the shortest possible time), so hire a professional photographer and don’t be ashamed to be photographed entirely naked.

The recruiters contact the girls who caught their attention (so always enter a phone number) to organize casting. These castings are like job interviews, and the agency staff will show you how the job works and the various rules you need to follow to work with that agency. Each escort agency has specific rules, but most of these rules are the same for all.

If you pass the casting, then you will start working for the agency. They will act as an intermediary between you and the customer, you will have to indicate your prices and the services you offer (for example, you are not obliged to have anal sex if you don’t want to, but you will lose the possibility of making more money). You can also offer extra customer services if you wish.

When the client and the agency have reached an agreement, you will be informed of the booking by the agency staff, and you will have to go have sex with the client.

The agency will manage everything from the creation of the profile to the bookings, you will only have to take care of your body, buy new clothes, lingerie and shoes, and then have sex with customers.

The agency will deduct a percentage from your earnings in exchange for all the services it offers.


The benefits of working as an Escort Agency Employee?

There are significant advantages in working together with escort agencies. The first big advantage is the visibility that can be achieved. Agency sites are designed for SEO and can rely on advanced marketing tools that Independent Call Girls cannot have. The wealthiest clients usually look for escort agencies for their excellent reputation and for the quality of the girls. Therefore if you want to reach an audience of wealthy clients who want to spend money, then the escort agency is the best solution.

Also, escort agencies take care of all aspects of profile creation, site management, and customer contacts. They will contact you only when they have reached the agreement with the customer, and this filter system will allow you not to waste time with rude customers and people who just want to get excited on the phone or waste time.


The disadvantages of working as an Escort Agency Employee?

Working with an escort agency is certainly very interesting and has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages that you need to consider.

The first is the fact that the agency will withhold a percentage from your earnings for each booking you get. The percentage is variable, and each agency has its own rate. This means that the agency has the greatest interest in making you work and find bookings, but also that you will never earn 100% of the money that the customer will pay you. If you plan on making money fast, then maybe this business model isn’t right for you.

Escort agencies have extremely strict rules that govern their girls’ performance. You can’t do certain things or get bookings out of agency control, for example. If you violate the rules, you will have to pay contractual penalties, and you will never work with the agency again, and probably also with the others. There are always a lot of girls willing to work with these agencies, and it’s easy for them to find substitutes, always remember that.

Also, agencies take their customers’ views very seriously. Negative feedback can significantly damage your career, even if given intentionally to take revenge for refusing to do a specific service. This is a risk you have to take to work with escort agencies.


Our Opinion?

Working in an escort agency is definitely a very interesting solution to make money in this sector, and many girls manage to earn a lot of money every month with this business model.

It is not easy to join an escort agency, but if you succeed you will be guaranteed to work with people who have the greatest interest in getting you bookings and who will think about every aspect of the job, only informing you of where and when to do sex with the next client, also filtering people who just want to waste time.

But you will also have to respect strict rules and give a percentage of your earnings to the agency, so you will never be 100% free to do what you want.

You will have to decide if it is better to sacrifice money and a bit of freedom in order to be guaranteed to work with high-level customers and potentially earn a lot of money.

Our advice is to try casting and see what’s going on. By talking to the staff, you can start to understand if this business model can interest you.