Ellyn Escort Interview

Ellyn beautiful asshole

Ellyn Escort Interview

My recent conversations with kinky escorts have introduced me to aspects of their work that I did not know. I didn’t imagine that so many men were interested in anal sex and that the preparation of the hole took so long.

I wanted to explore this issue with a kinky Amsterdam escort with a past as a porn star or always offering anal sex. I am convinced that many readers are interested in this information, and indeed the subject will not fail to trigger controversy.

The agency immediately identified the kinky Amsterdam escort who could answer all my questions. This girl’s name is Ellyn, and she is a beautiful blonde girl with a lovely body.

I’m really looking forward to meeting Ellyn, and our meeting takes place in her home, where Ellyn welcomes me in a bathrobe and flip-flops. The girl loves to provoke and makes me understand that she is completely naked under the bathrobe.

I’m excited, and our topic of conversation will surely increase my excitement, but I have to do my best to be professional and complete my work in the best way.

“Hi Ellyn, introduce yourself to all our readers.”

“Hi, I’m Ellyn, I’m 24, and I’m an escort. I have a past as a porn star, and seduction is my drug. I love seducing people with my body and living off the adrenaline of sex and excitement.”

“You have a past as a porn star. Tell me about this.”

“I worked for a few years as a porn star in Prague and in the entourage of Rocco Siffredi. I had some exciting experiences, and I had the privilege of working with top-level professionals and in quality productions from the beginning. I still have friends and friends who work in the sector, and we often meet to talk or to do orgies. ”

“Of orgies?”

“Yes, it’s fun, and in some cases, I can make more money.”

“Tell me about your work as a porn star and the differences you’ve experienced between working as a porn star and as an escort.”

“The first difference is having sex with only one client instead of having sex in front of a film crew. It’s not easy to have sex when you have a camera a few inches from your pussy that films everything. Many men who thought they were the next big porn legend has failed to get an erection due to the presence of cameras. Having sex as an escort is definitely a much more intimate and relaxing experience. ”

“Did you find any other differences?”

“Yes, the size of the cocks and the pain.”

“Can you explain it better?”

“I think it’s needless to say that porn stars must have big cocks to get into the business and get the best salaries. Professionals like Siffredi, Ron Jeremy, John Holmes, and Johnny Sins have got their success thanks to the size of their cock. Having constantly sex with cocks of that size is pleasant, I can’t deny it, but it can also be excruciating, especially in anal sex and in the most extreme scenes, in a short time the pleasure becomes pain My clients are not professional pornstars and therefore not all they have giant cocks, even though I had some nice surprises. I love cock, but having sex with giant cocks always becomes painful and boring. The variety is beautiful and often a smaller cock but used well can give more pleasure than a cock too big.”

“I see. Can I know your experiences with anal sex?”

“Anal sex is always required by many customers. The fascination of the taboo is irresistible, and many customers appreciate more penetrating a tight ass rather than a pussy. I like it, but I’m not a huge fan. Customers like it a lot and love it. I grant with extra. In porn, anal sex is a practice, and all girls do it, but not every day. ”

“I talked to other girls, and they told me about laxatives and the use of Vaseline to prepare the asshole.”

“Yes, it is a practice, but it is not always necessary. I like the customer to prepare my asshole following my instructions, it is a more intimate and exciting experience. The laxative and the sex toy with Vaseline are used in porn, where there is no real-time to prepare the hole manually. ”

“What is this preparation?”

“In a nutshell, it’s about preparing the hole, enlarging it and making it wet enough to accommodate the cock without problems and pain. Also, there is a precise position that allows you to have the best anal sex.”

“What position?”

“Doggy style.”

“Tell me about the procedure for preparing the hole.”

“First you need to prepare the hole to receive the cock. The customer has to lick it and use saliva and Vaseline to grease it well. Then stimulate it by first inserting one and then two fingers inside, but in a delicate way. After that, its time for the penetration. The best position is the doggie, and I must be the one to get closer and let the cock enter the ass because only I know when I feel pain, and I have control of the situation Once the cock has entered and everything is ok, the customer can begin penetration by moving. ”

“Isn’t it painful?”

“In the beginning, it is not always pleasant, then it becomes beautiful. In any case, it can be painful, and therefore I masturbate while I am penetrated to try to alleviate the pain. Some friends tell me that they prefer double penetration to single anal sex just for a question of pleasure and pain. I don’t really appreciate double penetration, it’s uncomfortable, and so I prefer to masturbate. ”

“I understand. In porn, you don’t see all this procedure.”

“No, the actor immediately penetrates me, but the asshole is prepared differently, but it’s still painful. I can guarantee you that many screams from us girls are true.”

“Do you offer the anal as a basic or extra service?”

“Obviously it is an extra service, I would be crazy to do it at the base price. If a service is required, then it is right to monetize it to the maximum.”

Our chat has come to an end. Ellyn strips for me and shows me her asshole, saying I can prepare him for anal sex if I want.

I could accept, one of these days.