5 things you don’t say to an escort

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5 things you don’t say to an escort

Our Amsterdam escort babes are not only beautiful girls with whom you can have sex, but they are also ideal companions for social events, dinner dates, and other occasions where you can talk for a long time with the chosen escort girl.

Girls can talk about any topic. Still, there are particular topics that are best avoided to avoid damaging the evening, ruining the escort’s mood and violating the Amsterdam escort agency policy.

Creating a situation where the escort babe is uncomfortable or where the regulation is ignored is very dangerous. It will prevent the client from using the agency’s Amsterdam escort services again.

Here are five conversation topics that should be avoided when you have the chance to talk to an escort girl. Keep these tips in mind, and you will never have problems. You will have the opportunity to make excellent conversations with escort babes!


A customer can give his real name or use a fancy name for a reservation and an evening with a hot escort girl. It doesn’t matter, and our girls are trained to protect customer privacy.

This policy prevents escorts from using their real names, and as a result, every girl has a pseudonym to use on her job. Girls cannot reveal the name to any client, not even the most edified and faithful. Revealing the name could create privacy problems and make the girls uncomfortable.

Avoid this topic with escorts.



Every girl has a family, but this topic is 100% off-limits in conversations. Not all families appreciate the choice of girls to become professional escorts, and we do not know in detail the type of bond a girl has with her family.

Questions can be asked about girls’ lives and interests, and passions. Still, the family must never be nominated to avoid problems with privacy or embarrassing situations for girls.

Imagine that many customers do not want to talk about their families, nor do our babes have the desire to talk about that topic.


Have you ever seen the “Men In Black” movie series?

One of the characters (Tommy Lee Jones) has a unique device that erases people’s memory. It can be said that our babes also use this device because our policy requires us not to say anything about other customers. It is not possible to reveal how many customers have a babe escort, past experiences, penis size, and additional information.

Customer privacy is vital, and you should never talk about this subject unless you have written permission from the agency.

Furthermore, the babes are trained to lie in these situations.



Women hate to talk about their age, and for the escort, the passing of time is the worst enemy. Some girls lie about their age or age is lowered for marketing reasons (many actresses or singers do the same thing).

Furthermore, asking a woman for age is very rude. Avoid this topic of conversation and trust what you read on the girl’s profile.


Never try to get discounts on escort services and never ask how much money the girl earns. It is not information that may interest you and is a very inappropriate topic of conversation.

Would you reveal how much you earn to a stranger?


Follow these tips, and you’ll have perfect conversations with our escort babes Amsterdam!